Real Estate

Established in 1983, Yuexiu Property is one of the first comprehensive real estate development enterprises in China. In 2009, Yuexiu Property began to develop nationwide, and now its strategic presence has been extended to 30 core cities, with land reserves of over 50 million square meters. In 2022, its contracted sales reached RMB 125 billion, jumping to 16th in the industry ranking and entering the top 10 in terms of equity sales. Yuexiu Property has been rigorously developing emerging businesses such as TOD, elderly care, long-term rental apartments, and urban renewal. In the TOD segment, Guangzhou Metro has been introduced as a strategic shareholder and 8 projects have been launched; in 2022, the Hangzhou Metro Gouzhuang project was obtained, signifying the TOD model going nationwide. Regarding urban renewal, Yuexiu Property has started the “small investment, large scale” transformation of old towns, old factories, and old villages, and acquired qualifications for the transformation of the old villages of Lirendong Village and Dongliu Village, as well as Guangzhou’s first mixed transformation project of old towns, the Nanyang Electric Factory. Yuexiu Health & Wellness, in the elder care sector, has reached a scale of “7,400 beds in 19 projects in 7 cities”, entering the first echelon of the industry. As for real estate, adhering to the strategy of “simultaneous development of business and residential property”, Yuexiu Property holds more than 40 high-quality commercial properties including Guangzhou International Finance Center, covering a wide range of businesses such as office buildings, retail malls, professional markets, and hotels and flats, etc. Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust is the world’s first REIT to invest in properties in mainland China, ranked among Asia’s top-tier REITs in terms of scale.