Real Estate

Founded in 1983 and listed in Hong Kong (Stock Code: 00123HK) in 1992, Yuexiu Property is one of the twenty strongest international companies and the flagship enterprise of real estate business under Yuexiu Enterprises (Holdings) Limited. It is one of the nation’s first established integrated property developers and China’s first real estate builders, as well as the only Chinese mainland property developer that owns Hong Kong real estate investment trust that invests in mainland China's property market.

Over 36 years, by sticking to the brand mission of “realizing a better life”, practicing the development strategy of “simultaneous development of residential and commercial properties” and taking full advantage of unique competitive edge with a high-end business model of “development + operation + securitization”, Yuexiu Property has developed successively more than 200 high quality residential properties and 40 some high quality commercial properties including Guangzhou International Finance Center. In recent years, the Company has proactively made arrangement for development of such emerging lines of business as pension industry, long-term rental apartment, urban renewal and industrial real estate and has welcomed Guangzhou Metro to become its strategic shareholder in order to jointly explore the TOD development mode of “rail transportation + property”, which satisfies the people’s diversified needs for a better life in all-round and multiple dimensions.

The Company has made strategic layout of its business on China’s most energetic economic belt and extended its business to nearly 20 first-tier cities and strong second-tier cities, forming a nationwide layout with a focus on the core regions containing the Greater Bay Area, the central China, East China and North China and key supports from Southwest China and Hainan. Up to late December, 2018, the Company owns a total asset of nearly 170 billion, a total land reserve of nearly 20 million square meters and about ten thousand employees on active duty.

Yuexiu Property upholds its brand core values of “quality, responsibility, innovation and win-win” and devotes itself to becoming the innovative leader of creating a better urban life by staying true to the original intention and blazing new trails in a pioneering spirit.