Urban Agriculture

Guangzhou Flagship Development Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1949. It was formerly known as Guangzhou Farm Management Bureau, Guangzhou State-owned Agriculture Industry and Commerce Joint Corporation, and Guangzhou Agricultural Industry and Commerce Group Co., Ltd. It is an urban type modern industry group with dairy industry as the main business, and with animal husbandry and modern service industry as support and has built the whole industry chain of dairy industry, pigs and laying hens. It is in the top 500 Guangdong enterprises and the top 100 service companies in Guangdong. It has 31 wholly owned and holding companies, including 8 subordinate enterprises.

Animal husbandry.

It owes three modern dairy farms (Huamei farm is the only national level dairy farm in South China), with more than 8000 dairy cows and an annual output of more than 30,000 tons of fresh milk. Dairy cows introduced from the United States, Australia and other places have been cultivated into sub-tropical dairy cows in South China adapted to high temperature and high humidity. The internal control standard of raw milk is far superior to national standards and EU standards. It has been supplied to Hong Kong for more than 30 years and is the first batch of enterprises in South China that has passed the national quality milk engineering acceptance.

It has long-term commitment to the breeding work of pig and poultry conservation in Guangzhou, with high-quality germplasm resources such as Canada and the United Kingdom, with famous and high-quality agricultural products in Guangdong province such as "Guangliang" brand rest assured meat and Suihuang bearded chicken. A pig farm under construction is expected to produce 70,000 pigs of all kinds annually after it is put into operation. It is promoting the construction of the whole industry chain supply platform of pigs with annual output of 2 million pigs, annual processing of 1 million pigs and supporting annual output of feed of 1 million tons in Bijie City and Qiannan Prefecture of Guizhou Province. Conghua large-scale modern egg farm has a design scale of 1 million hens, which can provide 20,000 tons of fresh eggs annually after full production; it has two preservation breeding farms, of which Conghua Minle breeding farm is the only provincial original breeding chicken farm in Guangzhou. It has a modern feed processing plant with an annual capacity of 70,000 tons and a Baoding base with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons under construction.

Dairy processing and marketing.

At present, there are Shatai base with an annual processing capacity of 100,000 tons, Great Wall dairy base with an annual designed processing capacity of 50,000 tons of fresh milk and Zengcheng base with an annual processing capacity of 300,000 tons under construction. It has Guangdong Dairy Bioengineering Technology Research Center, Guangzhou Research and Development Institution, the largest quality control laboratory in South China and the most perfect dairy product quality monitoring system in Guangdong Province. "Fengxing Milk" brand can be traced back to 1927, and is one of the oldest dairy brands in China, and has been awarded the title of "time-honored brand" by the province and the city. There are more than 700 stores in the whole province, "exclusive store +" O2O mall platform "Fengxing Life" is the first e-commerce platform built by dairy enterprises to fully coordinate the business supply chain in China. The four in one fresh and cold chain logistics operation mode of "production enterprise + e-commerce system + cold chain logistics distribution + self-delivery point" is preliminarily constructed, with the whole process monitoring and the entire chain traceable.

Modern service industry.

Include business and trade, property management and oil products business. Fengxing commerce basically forms four major trading system structures, such as import and export, healthy food trade, and builds a chain convenience store that integrates the O2O model with the theme of “Fengxing milk + healthy food”. The property management is mainly for external leasing, with a leasable area of nearly 500,000 square meters. There is a Xingang East gas station in the oil sector. It has established a meat processing and sales base, and is planning a Fengxing modern meat processing and trading industrial park project. Taking the opportunity of the construction of "dish basket" in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area, it strives to build itself into a supplier of high-quality fresh agricultural and sideline products of "dish basket" in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area.

Guangzhou Flagship Dairy Co., Ltd., a subordinate enterprise, is the oldest dairy enterprise in the whole industry chain in South China, one of the largest dairy enterprises in South China. It is a high-tech enterprise, one of the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province, a key agricultural leading enterprise in Guangdong Province, and a national excellent dairy processing enterprise. In 2017, it successfully acquired Great Wall dairy industry and laid out the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region.

In the next five years, the Group aims to build a regional leading urban modern agricultural leading enterprise, and build a main and non-staple food industry with milk and meat supply as the mainstay, supplemented by poultry and eggs, and support the development of feed processing and modern service industry related to the main business, health food industry, etc. In 5 years, it strives to achieve annual business income of more than RMB 20 billion, profits of more than RMB 1 billion, the core enterprises Fengxing Dairy Industry to become a regional industry leading enterprises, into the national top 20 dairy industry.