Our Brand

Brand Introduction

    Since 1985, after 34 years of inheritance and precipitation,Yuexiu brand has gained a high reputation in South China,Hong Kong and Macao. Yuexiu people continue to forge ahead under the guidance of the brand banner. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the Group launched a new brand planning to comprehensively enhance brand value and brand cohesion. Since then, Yuexiu brand has been singing in a new starting point.

Brand Concept

    The Yuexiu brand graphic imprint, with the English initials "Y" in Yue Xiu and "E" in Excellence, has wonderfully evolved into a Kun Peng (a mythical creature appearing in ancient Chinese myths and legends) flying in the sky. Kun Peng spreads his wings for 90,000 Li (1 Li is about 500 meters). The grand atmosphere conveyed by Kun Peng's wings has vividly conveyed Yue Xiu people's constantly surpassing and excelling values.

Color Symbol

    Golden sunshine, dazzling light.
    Gold is the most brilliant gloss, representing energetic, active, friendly, and enterprising.

Logo Interpretation

    The logo extends Yuexiu's brand spirit, with gold as the main color, presents the sense of excellence that Yuexiu brand should have. Gold is the most brilliant luster, and it is the most supreme solid color in nature. It is the color of the sun, which represents warmth and happiness. It also has the heart and grace to shine on the earth and moisten everything.

    The shape of the logo shows that Kun Peng spreads wings and flies high. The high-flying of Kun Peng has the meaning of working hard and with ambitious since ancient times. The overall logo conveys the “transcendence” attitude of Yuexiu brand; “Kun Peng's Wings” consists of three speed lines, which enhances the momentum and rhythm of the logo while demonstrating the brand's connotation of innovation and continuous transcendence.

    The logo is upright and elegant, simple and powerful. The combination of dynamic and static, strength and speed reflect Yuexiu brand's main tone of transcendence and pragmatism, and the rapid and steady development of Yuexiu. Rounded and gentle treatments have been used at the edge of the logo, which aims to strengthen the affinity and tolerance of Yuexiu brand and reflect the big theme “serving society” of Yuexiu brand.

Brand History