Cornerstone Laying Ceremony of Yuexiu Cold Chain Logistic Project was held
Release Date:2019-07-19 11:12:20

On the morning of May 24, the Cornerstone Laying Ceremony of Yuexiu Cold Chain Logistic Project (“Project”) was held at Guangzhou Limestone Brisk Factory, Yanbu Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, with attendees including, Mr. He Yuping, the General Legal Counsel and the Board Secretary of Yuexiu Group, Mr.Wei Liming, the Assistant to Director of the Youth League Management Committee of Yuexiu Group and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yuexiu Development Group, Mr. Qian Shangning, the General Manager and the Party Secretary of Yuexiu Development Group, all members of leading group and employees from functional departments of Yuexiu Development Group, employees from Yuexiu Warehouse Company, and the responsible persons from the designing company, Construction company, and the supervising company.

Yuexiu Cold Chain Logistics Park covers an area of about 44,000 square meters, adjacent to the first ring of Foshan, with convenient transportation. The first-phase investment is about 150 million yuan.The Project is expected to complete the capsizing of the main structure by the end of 2019, and complete the installation, cooling and commissioning of equipment and put into operation in the first half of 2020. After the Project is completed and put into operation, it will become an integrated urban cold chain distribution center integrating storage, distribution, information, and supply chain services, focusing on chain stores, fresh e-commerce, food storage, and cold chain distribution services in Guangzhou and Foshan.

At the ceremony, Mr. He Yuping, the General Counsel and the Secretary of the Board of Directors of Yuexiu Group, said Yuexiu Cold Chain Logistics Project is a major step to implement the strategic positioning of Yuexiu Development Group. It, as the first cold chain logistics project invested and constructed by Yuexiu Development Group, will explore the cold chain logistics industry and contribute to the diversified development of Yuexiu Group. He asked that all parties involved should keep the project constructed on schedule and in safety, with quality and quantity guaranteed; make sure the Project will run into operation next year so as to fully support the future operation of the cold chain logistics park; deepen the understanding of cold chain logistics industry, improve the Project construction and management ability, and promote the Project’s construction and development with the spirit of "keep surpassing and more excellent". 

Mr. Qian Shangning, the General Manager and the Party Secretary of Yuexu Development Group, requested in his speech that the warehouse company should follow the principle of "planning with high pattern, construction with high standards, and operation with high efficiency ", and make good planning and careful organization to ensure the completion of the main structure construction of cold storage by the end of this year; pay attention to the quality of construction and tighten quality control to create a high quality project; do good in the operation and management of the park to ensure the investment efficiency of the Project. He stressed that construction, supervision, and designing companies should give full play to their professional advantages and ensure the Project of high quality could be completed on time through careful design and scientific organization. 

Li Zhongqing, the Chairman and the Secretary of the Party Committee of Guangzhou General Contracting Group Co., Ltd., said that he would spare no effort and actively coordinate the construction company to do a good job in the project construction, and ensure the project could be completed on schedule with satisfied quality and quantity .

Along with the drumming, the leaders and guests from Yuexiu Group, Yuexiu Development Group, the construction company, the supervision company, and other companies, moved to the foundation area, waved golden spades, and jointly raised the soil and built the foundation for the Project, implying that Yuexiu cold chain logistics project officially broke ground.