Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Donates RMB 3 Million to Hubei to Fully Support the Fight Against the Epidemic
Release Date:2020-02-28 16:15:38

In order to resolutely implement the spirit of the important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping to prevent and control the outbreak of pneumonia with the new coronavirus infection, and actively respond to the relevant work spirit of the Party and the government, and better fulfill the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, Yuexiu Transport decided to donate RMB 3 million to the Red Cross of Hubei Province, the main donor is Yuexiu (China) Transport Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd., the recipient is Hubei Red Cross, the purpose of donation is directional donation of medical materials to support the people of Hubei to win the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Hubei Province is one of the strategic areas of the central layout of Yuexiu Transport. The company began to explore Hubei region in 2010. Over the past decade the company has acquired Han Xiao Highway, Shui Yue South Highway, Han Cai Highway, Han-E Highway and Great Guang Nan Highway, a cumulative investment of about RMB 23 billion. At present, the company holds five highway toll mileage in Hubei region, accounting for 62.5% of all the toll mileage of all holding highway projects, three of which are Wuhan's exit-from-town channels, and the other two are the north-south vertical national high-speed main road.

We should be firm in our confidence in fighting the epidemic and work together to fight against it. At present, the novel coronavirus infection is still spreading in the epidemic stage. The situation is complex and severe. The epidemic prevention and control work is extremely important and urgent. The whole country is doing the utmost to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work. The core epidemic area of Hubei Province has undergone tremendous tests and needs assistance urgently. Yuexiu Transport in this critical period, cares about the epidemic area, is committed to practice the role of state-owned enterprises, pays tribute to the vast number of medical personnel who "go in an opposite direction"! Pays tribute to the staff from all walks of life who are fighting against the epidemic on the front line! Yuexiu Transport is willing to work with the people of the whole country to fight against the epidemic, relay for life and win the battle of epidemic prevention and control of the epidemic!