Zhang Zhaoxing, President of Yuexiu Group and Zeng Qinghong, President of Guangzhou Automobile Group Conducted a Survey Research on Hunan Changsha and Zhuzhou Expressway Co., Ltd.
Release Date:2019-09-18 10:01:46

On September 12, 2019, the secretary of the party committee and president of Yuexiu Group, Zhang Zhaoxing and the secretary of the party committee and president of Guangzhou Automobile Group, Zeng Qinghong went to Hunan Changsha and Zhuzhou Expressway Co., Ltd. (“Changzhu Company”) for a survey research, accompanied by Lin Zhaoyuan, the member of the party committee and the deputy director of the administration committee of Yuexiu Group as well as the secretary of the party committee and president of Yuexiu Property, and He Boqing, the assistant of the director of administration committee of Yuexiu Group as well as the secretary of the party committee, vice president and general manager of Yuexiu Transportation.

President Zhang Zhaoxing visited the parties and groups activity room and the monitoring center of the Administration Center of Changzhu Company, heard the detailed introduction to Changsha and Zhuzhou expressway made by the monitoring center, and inquired about the development of all business sections of Changzhu Company. After the visit, President Zhang Zhaoxing held a research forum, in which the general manager of Yuexiu Transportation, He Boqing made a report on the basic information, the advantages of major operation modes and development strategy of Yuexiu Transportation and the general manager of Changzhu Company, Yu Yongjun reported the general information, the production and operation over recent years, the yearly objectives and tasks and major measures of Changzhu Company as well as the main problems and related work ideas of the Company.

President Zhang Zhaoxing firstly acknowledged that Yuexiu Transportation is an enterprise having strong competitiveness of transportation investment and operation all over the country and made a great contribution to the development of Yuexiu Group, making it a stabilizer of Yuexiu Group in industry sector. He pointed out that Yuexiu Transportation’s achievements were made in the past and it should firmly pushes forward with development strategy of “optimizing capital structure and broadening main business scope”, think about and solve the management problems in a problem-oriented manner, upgrade the level of delicacy management continuously and lead the enterprise to move towards the aim of being the nation’s top transportation infrastructure investment and operation company.

President Zhang Zhaoxing spoke highly of Changzhu Company’s work report and believed that the report is based on the facts and made just right. He pointed out that Changzhu Company should take greater pains to the breakthrough of land replacement and take proactive actions to truly protect the company’s rights and interests. As Yuexiu Property has developed a branch in Changsha, President Zhang emphasized that it should pay key attention to coordination and resources sharing with Changzhu Company in various business sectors in order to jointly promote the progress of land replacement and realize maximization of enterprise value. President Zeng Qinghong mentioned that through field investigation and survey and hearing of work report, Changzhu Company has made its work idea clear, has a group of employees who are in good spirits and ready to work hard, which conforms closely with Yuexiu Group’s passionate, bright, simple and encompassing culture. He also proposed guiding suggestions on Changzhu Company’s work flow management, efficiency increasing, and land replacement.

In the end, President Zhang Zhaoxing proposed three requirements on Changzhu Company’s work. Firstly, Changzhu Company should continue perfecting and broadening the functions of expressway network and pay attention to scientifically delicate separation of the functions in order to increase its income. Secondly, it should develop the enterprise’s consciousness of scientific and technological innovation, make scientific and technological innovation a key way to the enterprise’s development and develop high and new technologies. Lastly, Changzhu Company should enhance coordination and interaction with other enterprises in various business sectors, push forward with land replacement and explore the value of development of land replacement.