Yuexiu Jinkong successfully issued the first ultra-short-term financing bond of 2019
Release Date:2019-07-26 15:17:41
On July 24, 2019, Yuexiu Financial Holdings successfully issued the first ultra-short-term financing bonds of 2019, with a scale of 800 million yuan, a bond maturity of 60 days, and a coupon rate of only 2.25%, which is 30BP lower than the AAA central enterprises and state-owned enterprises’ 90 days ultra-short-term financing bills since June. It has created a new low for corporate bond financing rates. The successful issuance of this ultra-short-term financing bill indicates that Yuexiu Financial Holdings' influence and bargaining power in the capital market have significantly been improved, and it also reflects the high recognition of the market investment institutions for Yuexiu Financial Holdings’ assets quality and business development strategy.