Yuexiu Property Donates RMB 10 Million to Wuhan to Help Fight Against Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak
Release Date:2020-02-28 16:13:11

On January 30, Yuexiu Property donated RMB 10 million to Wuhan Red Cross to help Wuhan fight against the outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia. The donation will be used to support the epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan, to procure medical equipment and materials in short supply, to support front-line medical staff, and to contribute to the safety and health of the local people.

Yuexiu Property entered Wuhan in 2011. Every footprint and progress in Wuhan has gathered the concern and support of Wuhan people. In the past nine years, Yuexiu Property has taken root and grown in this beautiful city. Wuhan witnessed the development of Yuexiu Property, and Yuexiu Property is also grateful for this land.

At present, Wuhan people are at a critical stage in fighting against coronavirus pneumonia. Yuexiu Property pays tribute to the strong and dedicated medical workers, and pays tribute to all the workers in all walks of life who are fighting against the outbreak. We will practice the role of state-owned enterprise, work together with people of the whole country to overcome the difficult time and win the fight against the epidemic, a fight without smoke of gunpowder!