Yuexiu Pension won five grand awards including the Best Pension Brand
Release Date:2019-11-11 11:31:42

The result of the“2019 Guangzhou Outstanding Nursing Home for the Aged”sponsored by Yangcheng Evening News Group and organized by the Elderly Friends Club of Yangcheng Evening News was released on November 2, 2019. Yuexiu Pension has won five grand awards with great honor.

Yuexiu Pension was rewarded as the Best Pension Brand. Yuexiu Haiyiyuan Garden was honored as the Best Nursing Home for the Aged, the Best Experiential Nursing Home for the Aged, and the Most Popular Nursing Home for the Aged. Yuexiu Yinxing Yiyuan Garden (located at Chigang) Health Care Institution was rewarded as the Best Nursing Home for the Aged.


Awards ceremony of 2019 Guangzhou Outstanding Nursing Home for the Aged

These awards not only present confirmation of Yuexiu’s capacity in elderly care, but also serve as kind of affirmation and trust of all walks of the society on Yuexiu pension.

Time always favors the doer who struggles silently. Time to doer is steps leading to success. In the past 365 days, Yuexiu pension has been working hard and quietly for the pension industry and the elderly care industry.

Exhibition stand for Yuexiu Pension

General Manager of Yuexiu Pension Mr. Zhang Bo said in the Forum of Development of Pension and Real Estate in China 2019 that, according to the investigation, the popularity of the elderly above 60 has reached to 249 million in 2018, with 9 million more than that in 2017, and the ageing rate goes to 17.9%. Based on current statistics, it is forecasted that China will enter the stage of intense aging in the year of 2022, which is 3 years earlier than that estimated by the State. Comparing to the developed countries, China runs to the stage of intense aging. Facing the impact of rapid development of aging on society, Yuexiu Pension is new industry ran by state-owned enterprises that is bound to shoulder the social responsibility of relieve the pressure of elderly care.

General Manager of Yuexiu Pension gives a speech

Yuexiu Pension shares on Tianhua Health Care Design Forum about how to design high-end nursing home for the elderly. Every corner and every detail could make people feel its consideration, thoughtfulness, and warm. Yuexiu Haiyiyuan Garden which is a beautiful and warm place is a good example.

No matter in the past or in the future, Yuexiu Pension with gratitude has been kept to participate in every moment of the elderly care in Guangzhou by providing excellent services to every elderly and family as always. In 2019, Yuexiu Pension lives up to the expectation forges ahead on the road of pension services in Guangzhou with grand ambitions.