Good News-Yuexiu Property won Two Prizes of Golden Brick Award for Real Estate of China
Release Date:2019-08-06 16:13:59

From July 26 to 29, 2019, the 19th Annual Conference of Boao 21st Century Real Estate Forum was held in Sanya, Hainan. In the award ceremony of the 19th Golden Brick Award for Real Estate of China, held during the above said period, Yuexiu Property won the Golden Brick Award for Real Estate of China-the real estate enterprise with the greatest comprehensive strength of 2019 and the Golden Brick Award for Real Estate of China-the property management service model company of 2019.

The Award Ceremony of the Golden Brick Award for Real Estate of China

      As initiated and hosted by 21st Century Business Herald under Southern Finance Omnimedia Corp. and jointly sponsored by China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and ELITE Habitat Development Foundation, the Golden Brick Award for Real Estate of China is currently one of the largest-scaled and most influential real estate professional forums in China. It is honored as the Oscar of the real estate industry in China, having the tradition of objectivity, reality and fully thoroughness. It reveals the excellent achievements of the real estate industry, records the model of the market and propels the development of the industry.

Yuexiu Property’s being awarded for the greatest comprehensive strength of 2019 and the Golden Brick Award for Real Estate of China-the property management service model company of 2019 shows that it is fully recognized for its achievements on district advantage, building design and architecture, operation and management, property management and that it is encouraged to better fulfill its brand mission of building better life.

Nation-wide Strategic Arrangement, Firmly Implement Double-wheel Drive

The awards Yuexiu Property received this time are a kind of affirmation to its efforts taken over recent years. For now, Yuexiu Property has formed a nationwide business arrangement which sets Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Central China, Eastern China and Northern China as the four fore areas and the Western China and Hainan as key supports. It also has offices operated in 18 first-tier and secon-tier cities at home and abroad.

Yuexiu Property has been upholding the strategy of driving by the double wheels of “residential properties and commercial properties”. On the basis of emphasizing on residential property development, it has also attached high importance to enhancing commercial operation capabilities. It has developed over 20 large-scale residential property projects, serving more than a million property owners. While in the business area, it owns more than 40 large business projects, covering an area of over 4 million square meters. Its business portfolio covers office buildings including Guangzhou International Finance Center, retail malls like Dating Mall, high-end hotels such as Four Seasons Hotel , specialized markets including Baima Garments Mall and other exploring businesses. It is gradually developing an urban business development and operation service system covering all commercial forms.

Start from Heart and Adhere to Customer-Driven

Guangzhou Yuexiu Services Development Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) is a large-scale professional property service enterprise focusing on operation and management of residential complex, large-sized public property, business property and industrial park property. After accumulation and development over 20 years, the Company has developed a professional service system integrating property management, intelligent technology and catering management. Known for building the dream of happiness with its sincere attitude by heart and serious conducts, it is ranked Top30 of China’s property management enterprise for its strong comprehensive strength.

Yuexiu Property also developed Yue+ service brand system and formed an all-dimension good-life service matrix, including TOUCH customer service system covering all touch points, LIFE all-lifespan customer service system, and 3 property service platforms, which guarantees customers’ enjoying caring selection of properties, safe purchase of properties, patient wait for completion of properties, detailed foreclosure process and reassuring living in the property. It aims to supporting customers on the aspects of lifestyle, personal growth, appreciation of asset value and environment maintenance and to helping customers live a better life, enjoy greater happiness and have higher wisdom.

In the future, Yuexiu Property will keep on its brand core values-quality, responsibility, innovation and win-win, go ahead with its business steadily and surely, explore new areas of industry and develop innovative services, in order to contribute to building a better life.