Yuexiu Property Ranks Among the Top 30 Chinese Listed Real Estate Companies in 2015
Release Date:2015-07-14 11:20:16
On May 28, the Evaluative Research Report on Chinese Listed Real Estate Companies in 2015 and “Top 100 Chinese Listed Real Estate Companies in 2015”, jointly created by China Real Estate Association, China Real Estate Research Society and China Real Estate Evaluation Center, were officially released in Hong Kong. Yuexiu Property ranks among the “Top 30 Chinese Listed Real Estate Companies in 2015 in Terms of Comprehensive Strength”.

In response to the financing environment with a general reduction in liquidity in 2014, Yuexiu Property has leveraged its advantages with respect to domestic and overseas financing channels to successfully achieve fund balance, and has further optimized its financing structure to reduce financing costs. Its average financing cost is 5.07%, which is 0.52% lower than that of 2013.In addition, Yuexiu Property has implemented a rights issue plan. It has obtained 4.19 times of oversubscription, and raised 3.846 billion HKD to further increase its financial flexibility. Meanwhile, Yuexiu Property has directionally issued 15-year corporate bonds in an amount of 2.3 billion HKD, with an annual coupon rate of only 6.1%. In this way, it has obtained capital for development at a low cost, and become a benchmark in the real estate industry in terms of long-term low-cost financing.

In 2015, based on its operating conditions and the development trends in the real estate market, Yuexiu Property further increased its contract sales target to 24.8 billion RMB, 13% higher than the actual contract sales amount in 2014. While ensuring growth, Yuexiu Property will make more efforts to ensure capital safety, continue to expand the financing channels, optimize the financial structure, reduce financing cost, accelerate capital recovery, improve the financial risk monitoring system, and maintain the investment-grade rating.