Guangdong entrepreneur introduces Guizhou | Yuexiu Group Vice General Manager Lin Huixin: draw on each others strengths and promote common development
Release Date:2019-11-25 11:16:35

Bijie is a beautiful city with picturesque scenery and rich in resources. Guangdong Greater Bay Area is densely populated region with a huge consumer market. Today Yuexiu Group and Bijie signed a contract concerning Pig Breeding Industry Chain Project. In October, Yuexiu Group completed the preliminary work including the site selection of all projects. By 2022, the Project will be completed with a scale of 2 million heads of pigs. This is a project that can draw on each other's advantages and promote common development of both sides. After the Project is carried out, it will provide quality pork product resources for compatriots in Guangdong and even Hong Kong and Macao, and contribute to the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects


On the morning of November 9, in the meeting themed "Collaborative Industrial Cooperation between East (Guangdong) and West (Guizhou)", Guangzhou and Bijie signed two project contracts amounting 420 million yuan. Invested by Guangzhou Yuexiu Group, the Pig Breeding Industry Chain Project in Bijie will be started in December this year with a construction period of 2 years. It is planned to build pig breeding base, slaughterhouse, feed mill and other facilities with an annual output of 1 million heads of pigs. Upon completion of the Project, 2,500 people will be employed and more than 3,600 poor households will be lifted out of poverty.

(Reporters: Yao Hui, Zeng Ming; Editors: Xu Chenxi, Huang Zicang, Executive Editor: Yang Bo; Senior Editor: Chen Wei )

Originally published on the official news client-side of Guizhou Radio and Television Station