Nanfang Daily: Two Villages Take Big Actions on the Same Day, Wanbo Business District will Expand
Release Date:2019-10-28 14:36:35

New progress has been made in Guangzhou's "new vitality of the old city". On the morning of October 21, Lirendong Village and Nanpu Village in Panyu District announced the start of the renewal and reconstruction project and the commencement of the reconstruction and resettlement area of the old village. The old area of the two villages exceeded 233 hectares. After the reconstruction, Lirendong Village will be connected with Wanbo business district and become a high-end headquarters economic office area which is like a Zhujiang New town next to Guangzhou South Railway Station.

On the morning of October 21, the launching ceremony of the renovation project of Lirendong Village, Nancun Town, Panyu District was held in the village. More than 60 people attended the event, including Chen Jianhua, Director of the Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress, Tang Hanghao, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal People's Congress, He Rucheng, Secretary of Panyu District Party Committee, other related leaders, representatives from Yuexiu Group, and villagers of Lirendong Village.

Lirendong, where e-commerce merchants gather, is to be rebuilt

It is understood that the overall renovation of Lirendong Village is about 172 Hectares.

As the “First Taobao village in China”, Lirendong Village with medium-sized e-commerce scale as its main industrial system, is located at the junction of Panyu Avenue and Xingye Avenue, adjacent to Changlong Tourism Resort and Wanbo Business District to the north, Jiguang Industrial Park to the east, Fuhao Mountain Villa in the south, Xinguang Express and Jinshan Lake Park in the west, close to Metro Line 3 and Line 7, with excellent location and traffic conditions. But in recent years, due to the increase of various costs, Taobao e-commerce merchants have gradually reduced to about 600, and now the village is in urgent need of upgrading and transformation. Therefore, under the conditions of comprehensive renovation, the project has been included in the 2016 urban renewal area planning project plan of Guangzhou and the three-year urban renewal action plan of Panyu District (2019-2021). With the high attention and strong support of Guangzhou municipal departments, Panyu District Committee, District Government and Nancun Town, the comprehensive reconstruction project of Lirendong Village has achieved phased results, which has important strategic significance for the reconstruction of old villages in Panyu District.

Southern Metropolis Daily reporter saw in Lirendong Village, compared with those “villages in the city” in downtown Guangzhou, although there is no “one-line sky” nor “handshake building” in Lirendong Village, the roads in the village can generally allow cars to drive in, and there are many cars parked in each village roads. It is because of the good logistics conditions in Lirendong Village that it has become a gathering place for Taobao e-commerce. However, many village houses have formed a small e-commerce industry ecology integrating production, storage, operation and delivery. During the peak period of promotional shipments, the traffic logistics in the village are very crowded. Some e-commerce stores that have grown up from here have been transferred to the e-commerce industrial park with better logistics conditions, and the small-scale online stores are left in the village.

Li Jinli, Secretary of the Party Branch of Lirendong Village, said that after the development of Lirendong Village into Taobao Village, with the gathering of e-commerce enterprises, large fire, traffic and security risks were formed, and the rental income of the property was not as ideal as the villagers' expectation. This time, the villagers have the opportunity to cooperate with enterprises to initiate the renewal and transformation. The villagers expect to improve the value of the property, increase the collective income and improve the living standard through transformation.

280 meters super high building will rise from the ground

Yuexiu Real Estate, a cooperative enterprise of the project, was approved by a high vote at the shareholder representative meeting of the cooperative enterprise in the old village reconstruction of Lirendong Village Cooperative Economic Society, and obtained the qualification of the Lirendong old village reconstruction project. Winning the Lirendong project is a successful attempt in the old village upgrade sector in Yuexiu Real Estate. The renovation of Lirendong Village will combine the existing industrial base and development trend of Yuexiu Real Estate to build a smart technology + information business two-wheel drive, together with the surrounding trade, tourism and cultural industry resources, to form "Changlong-Wanbo-Lirendong-Jinshan Lake" industrial ecosystem focuses on the development of three major industrial types: smart technology, headquarters office and fashion creativity. It will become a smart technology innovation platform in northern Panyu. It is expected to drive regional investment, expand industry scale, provide job opportunities, contribute to output tax, and achieve integration of production and the city. By making such important contributions, we will inject strong development momentum into the new community of Lirendong.

After the completion of the village reconstruction, by planning to build a green platform park on Panyu Avenue, it will further optimize the city's appearance, improve the city's quality of urban life, greatly promote land conservation and intensification, revitalize low-efficiency land and improve public service levels; At the same time, through a reasonable urban planning, it will further promote the economic development of the village, promote the integration of industry and finance, create and provide more job opportunities. In the future, relying on Changlong tourist resort and Wanbo CBD business district, Lirendong district will be built into a highly functional composite urban area of "science and technology innovation fashion, business office and ecological residence", and form a "Golden Triangle" of tourism, business and innovation industry with Changlong and Wanbo.

Zhou Bo, Deputy General Manager of Yuexiu Real Estate, said that the renovated Lirendong area will be integrated with Wanbo business district, and it's planned to build a 280-meter super high-rise commercial building in the central area of Lirendong. The project is expected to invest about RMB 22 billion. It is planned to carry out the transformation in four phases. At present, with the support of the village and the town, the transformation is progressing smoothly and is expected to be completed within 8 years.

Nanpu Village will become a " mahogany town" in the future

At the same time, Nanpu Village, Shiqi Town, another village in Panyu District, has entered the renovation and construction stage of the old village. The village joined hands with Biguiyuan Group and announced the commencement of the reconstruction and resettlement area of the old village. Shiqi Town, Panyu district is the only "guangzuo characteristic mahogany town" national wide. Nanpu village is located in the core area of "mahogany town". Villagers have strong willingness to transform and take the lead in launching comprehensive transformation. In the future, it will be built into a mahogany industrial town integrating culture, business and tourism.

Nanpu village, Shiqi Town, Panyu district is located in the east of Shiqi Town, Panyu District, adjacent to the metro station (Shiqi station of line 4), which is an important part of Guangzuo characteristic mahogany town. In 2017, the project has been listed in the comprehensive renovation plan of 13 old villages, the key urban renewal project of Guangzhou. With the high attention and strong support of the district party committee, district government and Shiqi Town, and with the support of the village leadership and villagers, Nanpu Village project has made remarkable progress, which is of benchmarking significance in the reconstruction of old villages in Panyu District.

Southern Metropolis Daily reporter saw that in the current Nanpu Village before the renovation, the village has a relatively dense space among houses, and the factory buildings and residential houses are mixed. It is difficult to develop the cultural tourism industry. After the transformation, the traffic capacity of the Nanpu Village area will be greatly improved, and the problem of insufficient public facilities will also be solved. The old village reform is also conducive to eliminating scattered and polluting enterprises, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and promoting regional development of the cultural tourism industry.

Mai Jieping, Deputy District Director of Panyu District, said that the launch of the Nanpu Village project is a landmark achievement of Panyu District in improving the quality of urban development and people's life. It is hoped that all parties would work together to accelerate the construction of the characteristic mahogany town and build a five in one composite functional area of industry, tourism, culture, ecology and residence, and promote the quality and efficiency of the regional industrial economy.

Nanpu village old village reconstruction project is one of the first batch of 13 old village reconstruction pilot villages in Guangzhou. Recently, the regulatory detailed planning adjustment of the project has been reviewed and approved by the urban renewal Professional Committee of Guangzhou Urban Planning Committee. After the adjustment of the control regulations, the total construction land is 61.13 hectares, an increase of 34.51 hectares compared with the current control regulations, an increase of 5.84 hectares compared with the current situation. The total construction volume is 1,283,700 square meters, an increase of 1.157 million square meters compared with the current control regulations, an increase of 594,600 square meters compared with the current situation, and a gross volume ratio of 2.05.

According to the plan, Nanpu Village is the strategic carrier for the rise of Guangzhou's south expansion and the rise of Eastern Panyu, shouldering the responsibility of urban renewal benchmarking, industrial inheritance and cultural heritage. Continue to realize the realization of the mahogany industry, expand the industrial chain, combine smart home, the cultural tourism industry, etc., and transform Shiqi mahogany town into a regional service center that gathers cultural tourism, leisure and entertainment, headquarters economy, trade and exhibition and other multi-formats, leading the leaping development of Eastern Panyu. It is estimated that about 10,000 new jobs will be created, driving the regional economy to accelerate.

(Original title: Two villages take big actions on the same day,Wanbo business district will be expanded. Panyu Lirendong Village will be rebuilt, and the Nanpu Village Reconstruction and Resettlement Area construction will be started. The old reconstruction area is more than 233 hectares. Article by: Nanfang Daily Reporter Wu Guangyu;Photo: Liang Weipei)