Yuexiu Group strongly condemns the serious violent acts at Hong Kong Airport
Release Date:2019-08-15 16:12:26

The incident of violence happened at Hong Kong Airport on August 13 shocked the world. Unlawful assembly demonstrators crippled the operation of the airport, interfered, abused, and attacked passengers of different nationalities or genders and even the patients and innocent children. Some radical violators brutalized a Global Times reporter and a mainland resident passing through Hong Kong with a lawful permit for personal purpose, attacked the escorting policemen on site, and interfered medical care personnel from carrying out treat and care. These violent acts have infringed the legitimate rights of the victims, trampled on the freedom of the press, and tainted the international reputation of Hong Kong. We hereby express strong condemnation over these violent acts which are close to terrorist acts. 

It is our common aspiration to stop violence and restore order. Yuexiu Group expresses sincere condolence to the mainland journalist and passenger who were injured in the incident of violence in the evening of August 13. Yuexiu Group will resolutely support the administration of HKSAR government and its chief executive, and firmly support Hong Kong police on law enforcement, and expect to bring the criminal offenders to justice as soon as possible.