Wang Zhimin attended the inaugural conference of the Preparatory Committee for Hong Kong Compatriots’ celebration of the 70th National Day and delivered a speech
Release Date:2019-07-22 16:00:05

    On July 11, the inaugural conference of the Preparatory Committee for Hong Kong Compatriots’ celebration of the 70th National Day was held at auditorium of Chinese General Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Wang Zhimin, the Director of the Office was invited to attend the conference and deliver a speech.

    In his speech, Mr. Wang Zhimin pointed out that, the foundation of the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) is the watershed of our country from disunity to unity and from poverty to prosperity, and the destiny of Hong Kong is closely linked with it. Since 70 years ago, under the leadership of Chinese Communist Party, Chinese people have forged ahead and created a great miracle in the history of human development.The Chinese nation has made a great leap forward from standing up to becoming rich to becoming strong.A confident China is moving closer to the center of the world stage and has contributed Chinese wisdom, solutions and strength to the cause of human progress.The 70 years since foundation is not only a marvelous history for China, but also a glorious period for Hong Kong as it moves forward and grows together with the motherland, and has realized economic take-off and became an international financial, trade and shipping center. The fact that mainland China and Hong Kong have jointly developed with impressive achievements since the foundation of the PRC 70 years ago proves that a stable and peaceful social environment is the key to our prosperity and development and the fundamental guarantee for the well-being of Chinese people. Hong Kong, thanks to its strong motherland which enjoys steady development, and through Hong Kong compatriots’ hard working and helping each other, is able to enjoy sustained prosperity and stability. Based on history, it is an eternal truth that, nothing is so great as society is in order, and nothing so harmful as society is disordered.

    Mr. Wang Zhimin pointed out that, the rule of law and stability are blessings for Hong Kong. At present, Hong Kong should get over the disputes and come to peace and reason as soon as possible. The importance of the rule of law and stability in Hong Kong is self-evident. Thanks to the rule of law and social stability, Hong Kong has achieved a rare momentum of stability in recent years. The chief executive, Mrs Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, with the belief that one should not aim for easy goals and avoid hard things, has united and led the governance team to govern in accordance with the law. It is expected that with the implementation of these policies and measures in the next few years, Hong Kong citizens will have a greater sense of achievement and happiness. However, a great dispute arose about the amendment to the ordinance of Hong Kong in recent months which resulted in some large-scaled marches and some grieved incidents of violence. Some extremists even stormed and occupied the solemn legislative council building and vandalized its facilities in a violent and uncivilized way, which shocked and saddened Chinese People and even the people of the world. Such violent incidents have not only disrupted the normal social order and affected the safety and normal life of general citizens, but also seriously trampled on the rule of law in Hong Kong. Once again, the rule of law and stability are the fundamental and greatest benefits of Hong Kong.

    Mr. Wang Zhimin said that, the central government firmly support the chief executive, Mrs Carrie lam, and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government in exercising effective governance and take active actions in accordance with the law; firmly support the Hong Kong police in performing their duties in accordance with the law, maintaining social order and protecting the safety of the public; firmly support the common aspirations and actions of the Hong Kong people to uphold the rule of law and combat violence; the changes in the current situation in Hong Kong have prompted us to reflect on an important question that concerns not only Hong Kong's current and future long-term development, but also the fundamental well-being of all Hong Kong people. What kind of Hong Kong do we want? Is the united, stable and civilized Hong Kong under the rule of law, or a violent, quarrelsome, torn and uncivilized one? The rule of law is the core value of Hong Kong society and the cornerstone of maintaining and safeguarding Hong Kong's long-term stability and prosperity. The incident of violent occupation of legislative council building makes more and more Hong Kong people have clearer awareness that if they connive at crimes and even justify atrocities, it is a blatant challenge to the rule of law in Hong Kong and will ultimately undermine the fundamental interests of all Hong Kong people. A prosperous and stable Hong Kong serves the interests of Hong Kong citizen, Chinese people, and people of the world. However, some foreign forces have been meddling in Hong Kong's affairs, and a small number of people in Hong Kong are willing to act as pawnbrokers of foreign forces, attempting to disrupt Hong Kong and make profit from the chaos. The whole society should be  highly vigilant and firmly oppose such actions.

    Mr.Wang Zhimin stressed that harmony brings wealth. Mr. Deng Xiaopeng ever said that, without a stable environment, nothing can be achieved and the achievements already made will be lost. The General Party Secretary Xi Jinping sharply pointed out that, although Hong Kong has good resources, it still faces great challenges against the backdrop of profound adjustments in the global economic landscape and increasingly fierce international competition. The recent violence incidents have already impacted Hong Kong's economy and citizens’ livelihood. The legislative council building is not expected to resume operation in a short time after being damage. 44 applications for funding for livelihood projects worthy about 70 billion yuan cannot be reviewed and approved as scheduled. Hong Kong's overall consumer confidence index also fell to its lowest level in five years. At the reception celebrating the 22nd anniversary of the founding of HKSAR, the chief executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, also acknowledged that Hong Kong faces many problems, from the growing downside risks to the economy to the tough issues concerning citizens’ livelihood. If the Hong Kong community continues to fight at home, these jobs will be impossible to be carried out, and more and more problems and risks will come along. The HKSAR government will listen to opinions with a more tolerant and open attitude so that Hong Kong society can return to calm as soon as possible. We should give the HKSAR government some time and space, and work together to build Hong Kong as our home.

    Mr. Wang Zhimin said that, with firm confidence and solidarity, Hong Kong will continue to enjoy stability, prosperity and development. The central government will remain the principle of "one country, two systems" unchanged, and Hong Kong will remain prosperous, stable and having a better tomorrow. Hong Kong should be integrated into the overall development of the country. The bright future of "we need to build a good mainland with the socialist system and a good Hong Kong with the capitalist system" remains unchanged. China enjoys a sound development trend, and Hong Kong has unique advantages, and the central government and the people of the motherland will give full support to Hong Kong. As long as we firmly “believe in ourselves, Hong Kong and our country”, we will work together and help each other as the song Under the Lion Mountain goes, "let go of the contradiction in each other's heart and pursue the ideal together.", Hong Kong is sure to achieve greater prosperity, and our compatriots in Hong Kong will be able, together with the people of the mainland, to share the historical responsibility for national renewal and the great glory of the motherland.

    The inaugural conference of the Preparatory Committee was chaired by Mr.Tung Chee-hwa, Vice-chairman of the CPPCC and the Chairman of the standing committee of the Hong Kong compatriots' celebration National Day. The general assembly adopted the names of honorary chairman, chairman, adviser, members of the presidium, secretary general and deputy secretary general of the presidium of the preparatory committee, and nearly 700 people from all walks of life in Hong Kong as members of the preparatory committee. The preparatory committee will hold a variety show and a youth concert at the Hong Kong coliseum on the evening of October 2 and 3 respectively and broadcast them simultaneously on television, radio and online platforms to celebrate the 70th National Day of the PRC together with Hong Kong citizens.