Guangzhou Yuexiu Group Award the China Charity Festival - Collective Prize
Release Date:2015-03-23 09:54:56

On January 22, 2015, the 4th China Charity Festival jointly sponsored by China News, China Daily, Baidu and Sohu, and jointly proposed by over one hundred expert scholars, commercial celebrities and public welfare stars was grandly held in Beijing Century Fortune Center. Recommended by the media, Guangzhou Yuexiu Group award the "2015 China Charity Festival – Collective Prize" by virtue of its outstanding performance in the public welfare practice and enterprise social responsibility construction.

China Charity Festival, established in 2011, the first charity initiative festival sponsored by public media to carry forward the modern charitable spirits and to advocate the public charitable acts, has become one of the annual events with quite influences in China's public charitable field. In this China Charity Festival themed "To Influence China with Charity", the appraisal and selection lasted for half a year, the finalists were comprehensively evaluated by the review committee comprised of members from cooperative media, public charity institutions and expert scholars, and the list of awards was finally produced.

Guangzhou Yuexiu Group has been always adhering to the value of "beyond excellence", persistently repaying shareholders, employees and society. With respect to the charity, on October 23, 2014, Yuexiu Daping Town Central Primary School was officially completed, becoming the first overall reconstructed and completed school in Tianquan County after Ya'an Earthquake. At present, the project has passed the five-party acceptance, and over 400 teachers and students have moved to the bright, spacious and advanced new classrooms. Meanwhile, the new campus has been provided with computer room, music room, art room and other related quality-oriented education equipment to help the children achieve integrated development. In addition, in recent years, Yuexiu Group has been vigorously carrying out the poverty relief and development projects in Baxiangshan Town, Fengshun County, Meizhou City, with the accumulative investment being nearly RMB 10 million, to strive to solve the problems about medical insurance of people in straitened circumstances, education of poverty-stricken students and housing transformation. With respect to the environmental protection, Yuexiu Property issued the Green Real Estate White Paper in 2014 to closely combine the enterprise social responsibility with business, many projects of which were granted the green building award at home and abroad. Guangzhou Paper Group Ltd subordinated to Guangzhou Yuexiu Group has been adhering to the environment-friendly removal and emission reduction in the past years, making great contributions to the urban environmental improvement of Guangzhou. Meanwhile, Yuexiu Group proposes the staff to work electronically , to save paper, and carries out large-scale tree planting activities, climbing races and other environmental protection activities each year to advocate the low-carbon environment-friendly working and living modes.

To practice the charity and repay the society more systematically and more efficiently, in September 2014, Yuexiu Group officially initiated the establishment of "Yuexiu Public Welfare Foundation" to successfully build the charity platform to integrate the employees of the Group, customers and social organizations. The Foundation, with original fund of RMB 10 million, will help the Group to better fulfill the social responsibility of enterprise and create the charity brand, making due contributions to the social harmony and sustainable development.