Good News: Yuexiu Group was awarded “Top 100 Guangzhou Brand Enterprises in 2019”
Release Date:2019-08-07 09:47:10

Guide: Guangzhou Federation of Industrial Economics, Guangzhou Entrepreneurs Association, and Guangzhou Small and Medium Enterprises Service Center jointly held the Guangzhou Entrepreneurship Lecture Hall 2019 and Corporate Brand Strategy Forum with the theme of Inspire new vitality, brand wins the future at Baiyun International Convention Center on June 20th. Yuexiu Group has been awarded the title of Guangzhou Top 100 Enterprises for its achievements in brand building over the years.

The “Guangzhou Top 100 Enterprises” award was established in 2013 for the purpose of enhancing corporate brand awareness, fostering local well-known brands, and promoting Guangzhou enterprises to take brand building as a long term goal of establishing and developing enterprises, thereby exerting brand influence and forming brand effect. The award has its influence in the industry.

Yuexiu Group attaches great importance to brand building. Since its establishment in 1985, the Group has always regarded the brand as the most important intangible assert, as the card for survival and development of the company and the trump card for competition. After years of planning and construction, the “Yuexiu” brand has a high reputation in the Greater Bay area and even the whole country. Firstly, to establish a brand system. Formulate the development plan and implementation strategy of Yuexiu brand. The subordinates will formulate and implement sub-brand development plans according to their own industry characteristics in the direction of the group brand and establish a unified brand combination model. The parent and child companies will use the same brand logo to ensure unification of image of various branches and subsidiaries of the group to enhance brand recognition. Secondly, to expand the brand connotation. Continuously improve product quality and make product quality an endorsement of corporate brand. Intensifying innovation and development, the Group has clearly defined "To be an important platform company for the construction of world-class urban agglomerations in the Greater Bay Area and support Guangzhou as the core city of the Greater Bay Area" as the development orientation. The real estate sector is actively transforming into new business formats such as pension, urban renewal in the long run; The financial sector implements the coordinated development model of “finance + technology + strategic emerging industry”; these inject new connotations into the group brand. Thirdly, to establish a brand image. Actively practice public welfare undertakings, fulfill corporate social responsibility, and continue to exert efforts in public welfare undertakings such as poverty alleviation, education, and environmental protection. In 2018, RMB6.8 million were invested in poverty alleviation, and three counterparts were assisted to implement eight industrial projects, which won the silver cup of the Provincial Poverty-Stricken Bombax Cup. The Yuexiu Volunteer Service Team was established to attract more than 1,100 volunteers from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. For four consecutive years, we organized a love education program to keep the “Yuexiu” brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.