Leaders of Yuexiu Group Visited the Poverty-stricken Staff before Spring Festival
Release Date:2015-03-23 09:52:49
On January 28 through February 2 before 2015 Spring Festival, Wu Shanghui, Party Deputy Secretary Lai Suifen, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection , and Feng Li, Chairman of Labor Union of Yuexiu Group, visited and greeted. the poverty-stricken staff and party members of Guangzhou Paper Group Ltd, Guangzhou Building Materials, GZI Transport, Yuexiu REIT and Guangzhou Securities on behalf of party committee, administration office and labor union of Yuexiu Group respectively, providing them with consolation money and festival greeting items.  Deputy Secretary Wu, Secretary for Discipline Inspection Lai and Chairman Feng expressed their greetings to 13 poverty-stricken staff including Chen Shaoming on behalf of the party committee and administration group of Yuexiu Group, encouraging the poverty-stricken staff to constantly strive to become stronger, to get through tough times together with the organizations, and to spend a warm and auspicious spring festival.The other leaders including Party Secretary & General Manager He Baiqing and Party Deputy Secretary Qian Shangning of GZI Transport, Party Deputy Secretary Zhuang Zefeng of Guangzhou Building Materials, Party Deputy Secretary Li Xiaoling of Guangzhou Paper Group Ltd, Labor Union Vice Chairman Ou Haijing of Yuexiu REIT, Labor Union Chairman Chen Yanyan of Guangzhou Baiyun Yicheng Property Co., Ltd, Labor Union Chairman Lian Jueban of Guangzhou Securities as well as Labor Union Vice Chairman Li Jianxun, Party Committee Work Department Director Meng Xiaobing and Director of Disciplinary Inspection & Supervision Department Zhang Jianguo of Yuexiu Group also participated in the spring festival greeting.