Chen Jing
Chief Financial Officer
Release Date:2019-12-24 17:31:24

Chen Jing is currently the Chief Financial Officer and General Manager of the Finance Department of Guangzhou Yue Xiu Holdings Limited and Yuexiu Enterprises (Holdings) Limited. Ms. Chen Jing holds a master's degree in business administration and is qualified as an internationally registered internal auditor and intermediate auditor.

Ms. Chen Jing also serves as Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Yuexiu Property Company Limited, Executive Director of Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited, Non-Executive Director of Yuexiu Financial Group Holdings Limited, Non-Executive Director of Chong Hing Bank Limited, Director of Guangzhou City Construction and Development Co., Ltd., Chairman of Yuexiu Securities Holdings Limited.

Ms. Chen Jing was a teacher at Hubei University, Deputy General Manager of Supervision (Audit) Office and General Manager of Audit Department of Guangzhou Yuexiu Holdings Limited, Chief Financial Officer of Guangzhou Yuexiu Holdings Limited and Yuexiu Enterprises (Holdings) Limited, and other positions. She has extensive working experience in finance and audit.