Yuexiu Microcredit Ranked Among the “Top 100 Most Competitive Chinese Microfinance Companies of 2014”
Release Date:2015-04-20 10:25:52
On March 28, 2015, the Fifth Annual Meeting of the China Microfinance Institution Association (hereinafter referred to as “CMIA”) was successfully held in China World Hotel, Beijing. Guangzhou Yuexiu Microcredit Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yuexiu Microcredit”) was rated as one of the “Top 100 Most Competitive Chinese Microfinance Companies of 2014”.

Founded in January 2011, the CMIA is one of the most influential inclusive finance organizations in China, and is honored as the “Home of Chinese Inclusive Finance”. It is a high-end research and service platform that specializes in small and micro finance policy research, innovative financial services, training, consulting and rating. Ever since its establishment, the CMIA has held annual meetings, and revealed the “Top 100 Most Competitive Chinese Microfinance Companies” and other individual award winners at the beginning of each year.

The selection of the Top 100 Most Competitive Chinese Microfinance Companies was jointly organized by the CMIA and China Small & Micro Finance Research Institute, under the guidance of Ms. Wu Xiaoling, vice chairman of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee and former vice president of the PBOC. The evaluation and selection system covers 6 aspects and 20 specific indicators, including asset size and structure, operation efficiency, asset quality, profitability, growth rate and social responsibility. The selection criteria were strictly enforced. Yuexiu Microcredit was one of the 6 winners in Guangdong (2 in Guangzhou, 3 in Shenzhen, and 1 in Foshan).

With a history of less than 3 years, Yuexiu Microcredit has achieved year-by-year growth in terms of operation scale and shareholders’ returns, and employees have also benefited from the growth of the company. Among the 8791 microfinance companies in China, 3208 have taken part in this contest. The fact that Yuexiu Microcredit was able to stand out from the crowd and successfully rank among the top 100 shows the brand value and corporate strength of Yuexiu.

In 2015, Yuexiu Microcredit will actively explore the microfinance business model and business structure adjustment to gradually reduce the business with high market risks. It will focus on industry-finance integration and finance-finance integration within the Yuexiu Group, carry out in-depth business cooperation with sister companies such as Yuexiu Property, Guangzhou Securities and Guangzhou Guarantee, and vigorously expand other business within its shareholders. It will focus on six main products of the year, i.e. “Mortgage Loan”, “House Loan”, “Contractual Loan”, “Factoring”, “Preferential Loan” and “Employee Funds”, and form a framework in which professional teams provide professional products to professional markets. Meanwhile, it will continuously innovate the methods of risk management and solution, for the purpose of reducing the overall risks, increasing the scale and improving the efficiency of the company.

In 2015, the external environment for small and micro finance remains unpromising, and the company will face a lot of difficulties in its development. Nevertheless, Yuexiu Microcredit will always adhere to the core value of “Beyond Excellence”, and continue to grow through transformation by virtue of the united efforts and courage of all employees, so as to make more and greater contribution to shareholders and employees, and in supporting the real economy of Guangzhou and personal entrepreneurship.