Yuexiu Group was established in Hong Kong in 1985. After more than 30 years of reform and development, the Group has formed a“4+X”modern industrial system with financial, real estate, transportation infrastructure, urban agriculture as its core industry; in addiction, traditional industries such as papermaking and development; and strategic emerging industries that may enter in the future.

Besides, Yuexiu Group also holds four listed companies, in which Yuexiu Financial Holdings Group Co. Ltd. (000987.SZ) was listed as an A-share company in mainland China, the other four were listed in Hong Kong, which are Chong Hing Bank Limited (01111.HK), Yuexiu Property (00123.HK), Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited (01052.HK) and Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust (00405.HK). As of the end of June 2019, the Group's total assets exceeded RMB 630 billion. In the first half of 2019, the Group achieved operating income of RMB 33.2 billion and total profit of RMB 8.9 billion. It is estimated that the total annual profit and tax will be approximately RMB 23 billion. Among them, the total assets of the main business accounted for about 96%, the revenue accounted for about 95%, and the profit contribution accounted for about 98%.

Among the core industries of Yuexiu Group, Yuexiu Real Estate is a national comprehensive real estate developer. Over the years, it has developed more than 200 residential projects and more than 40 commercial projects represented by the Guangzhou International Financial Center, the tallest building in South China. Its commercial real estate value is at the forefront of listed real estate companies. With the launch of the national expansion in recent years, Yuexiu Real Estate has achieved key layouts in 15 cities in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Rim and Central Region. 

The financial sector is one of the core sectors that the Group has focused on in recent years. At present, its total assets have exceeded RMB240 billion. It has several domestic and overseas financial business platforms such as banking, securities, leasing, asset management, industrial funds, guarantees, and small loans. The outlets are distributed in the United States, Hong Kong, Macao, and nearly 30 provinces and more than 70 major cities across the country, basically forming a comprehensive financial holding development pattern of “taking banks, securities as the core” and “cross-border operations and national expansion”. 

Yuexiu Transportation Infrastructure mainly invests in and operates toll highways, ports and bridges. Currently it mainly owes Guangzhou North Second Ring Road, Guangxi Cangyu, Hunan Changzhu, Hubei Hanxiao, Henan Yuixu, Tianjin Jinbao, Hubei Suiyuenan and other holding high-speed highway. 

Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust (Yuexiu REIT) has Baima Building, Fortune Plaza, Chengjian Building, Victoria Plaza, Metropolis Building, Guangzhou International Finance Center in Guangzhou's core commercial area, Yuexiu Building in Shanghai Lujiazui Bamboo Garden CBD and Wuhan Yuexiu Fortune Center, Xinghui Victoria Bay Shopping Mall, and others; the 9 high-quality properties with a total property area of nearly 1 million square meters. It is the world's first real estate investment trust to invest in mainland China.

Since 2009, Yuexiu Group has implemented “three-year adjustment and optimization development” (2009-2011), which defined strategic positioning, established core industries. By running such strategy, the group has actively quitted the business of hotels, international engineering and labor, cement, supermarkets, batteries and other businesses, and continuously purifies the main business.

Since 2012, Yuexiu Group has launched “transforming and upgrading development” to promote the scale development, layout optimization and efficiency improvement of the three core industries, especially cultivate and develop the financial industry. The Group has invested about RMB30 billion to “merge, newly establish, capital expand”, and promoted the financial sector to quickly become the largest industrial segment of Yuexiu Group, as well as one of the most powerful financial holding groups in Guangdong Province.

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. It is a crucial year for building a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also a crucial year for the successful completion of the Group's “13th Five-Year Plan” strategy and whether the development pattern can be further improved. At present, the external environment is becoming more complicated and severe, the downward pressure on the domestic economy continues to increase, and the general trend of strong financial supervision and strict regulation of real estate remain unchanged. The Group and various enterprises are still facing major challenges. The deepening of the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Greater Bay Area and the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises have brought new historic development opportunities. The group and various industrial sectors should conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, further enhance the sense of urgency and opportunity. With the work theme of “reform and innovation, capacity improvement, transformation and upgrading”, we will focus on management, fine management, reform and innovation, deepening transformation, integrating resources on a larger scale and at a higher level, and push the development of the Group and the main businesses to a new level.

Yuexiu Group ranks 382th in the “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises 2019” list with a revenue of RMB 44.82 billion in 2018, the ranking is 48th higher than that in 2018; it is on the list of “Top 500 Chinese Service Industry Enterprises 2019”, ranked 136. In addition, the Group was also ranked as the 15th China Top 100 Multinational Corporation in 2019 and became the local state-owned enterprise with the largest overseas assets in the country with a total overseas assets of RMB 17.62 billion.