Attending Davos Forum Eight Times in Tianjin to Jointly Seek a Blueprint for Innovative Development
Release Date:2018-10-26 17:09:04

Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2018 (Summer Davos) was held in Tianjin from 18-20 September. The forum was themed with “Shaping Innovative Societies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Over 2,500 guests from more than 100 countries and regions around the world conducted extensively discussions on 12 sub-topics such as the fourth industrial revolution and the source of economic growth, the reconstruction of global value chains and the choice of multilateral cooperation methods, and conducted research on the world economy and innovation development issues, gathering a broad consensus of thoughts, ideas and methods. As a representative of Guangzhou enterprises, Zhang Zhaoxing, party secretary and chairman of Yuexiu Group, accompanied by He Yuping, the general counsel of the Group, was invited to attend the forum and hold talks and exchanged views with many well-known enterprises, which marked the eighth time that Yuexiu Group attended the Davos Forum.

Chairman Zhang closely listened to the special address delivered by Premier Li Keqiang at the opening ceremony of the forum held on the morning of the 19th. The Premier pointed out that, , to boost the new drivers of the world economic development in the new industrial revolution, we should firmly uphold economic globalization, work together to facilitate the new industrial revolution, and pursue the integrated innovation and development, opening up a broader space for the development of the new growth drivers. He stressed that, the Chinese economy has stayed on the track of steady progress, with sound fundamentals, and it is now at a crucial stage of shifting from traditional drivers of growth to new ones. The Chinese government will adhere to the general principle of seeking progress while maintaining a stable performance, and focus on the supply-side structural reforms, invigorate the market,  bolster self-driven development and unleash the potential of China’s domestic demand, working even harder to advance reform and opening-up, to adjust the structure and to stimulate innovation. Through these efforts, we aim to keep the economy at a medium-high rate of growth and move our industries to a medium-high level.

On the evening, Chairman Zhang participated in the “Guangzhou Night” event. More than 400 guests, including global corporate executives and senior government officials, attended the event. Mayor Wen Guohui addressed, detailing the economic and social development of Guangzhou and sincerely inviting guests to share the "Guangzhou Opportunity" for the development of the new era. During this event, Chairman Zhang exchanged views with a number of world-renowned corporate executives and conducted discussions on the potential cooperation opportunities.

On the morning of 20th, Chairman Zhang attended the dialogue meeting between Premier Li Keqiang and representatives of enterprises. At the meeting, Chairman Zhang closely listened to the Premier’s answers on the hot issues such as China’s financial openness, intellectual property protection, reduction of taxes and fees, innovative entrepreneurship, and reform of the world trading system, and closely listened to the questions presented by the representatives attended, showing that the steadfast determination of Chinese government to further expand its openness, to make effort to cut the taxes and fees  and  to strengthen intellectual property protection.

During the forum, Chairman Zhang accompanied Mayor Wen Guohui, to meet with Jayne Plunket, CEO of Swiss Re-insurance Company (Asia) and member of the Group Executive Committee, and had an in-depth communication on topics such as catastrophe risk management and reinsurance product settings. Chairman Zhang also conducted in-depth exchanges with enterprises such as the Guggenheim Partners  in the United States on such fields as the infrastructure investments of “The Belt and Road Initiative”.

Through attending this Summer Davos Forum, Yuexiu Group was not only closely exposed to the latest trends in world economic development, but also learned from world-renowned enterprises and explored new ideas for cooperation, laying a solid foundation for the Group's 2019 strategic arrangement and the strategic planning during the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” period.