Guangzhou Paper Group Ltd Won the Honorary Title of "Love Pearl River – Advanced Unit in Water Environment Protection"
Release Date:2012-07-17 15:13:00

On July 7,the 2012 "Love Pearl River Festival" jointly sponsored by Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing and Qingyuan was grandly inaugurated in Guangzhou Ershadao Xinghai Music Hall Plaza.Present at the opening ceremony was Guangdong Provincial Party Standing Committee Member & Guangzhou Municipal Party Secretary Wan Qingliang, Guangzhou Mayor Chen Jianhua as well as the leaders from the said four cities, the department heads at district, county and municipal levels in Guangzhou, the related enterprises from the said four cities and the citizen representatives. As one of the "Love Pearl River – Advanced Units in Water Environment Protection", Chairman & Party Committee Secretary Lin Zhaoyuan of YuexiuHolding LimitedDeputy General Manager, Guangzhou Paper Group Ltd was also invited to the opening ceremony.

At this "Love Pearl River Festival", the said four cities commended the advanced units and individuals with outstanding contributions to the Pearl River protection. It was reported that 10 enterprises won the title of "Love Pearl River – Advanced Units in Water Environment Protection" from the said four cities, and Guangzhou Municipal Leader Zhang Guifang presented awards to these 10 enterprises in person. YuexiuHolding LimitedDeputy General Manager Lin Zhaoyuan appeared gave a speech at the stage as the sole enterprise representative.

Guangzhou Municipal Leader presents awards to the award-winning enterprises.

Yuexiu Holding Limited Deputy General Manager Lin Zhaoyuan is giving a speech at the stage.

According to Deputy General Manager Lin Zhaoyuan, in the past, Guangzhou Paper Group Co., Ltd ("Guangzhou Paper") was a waste water producer, but Guangzhou Paper always paid special attention to the environmental governance (including water environment) in persistence. Since 1998, Guangzhou Paper made huge investment in the construction of multiple waste water treatment facilities and in the upgrading and reconstruction of the production facilities, and shut down the chemical pulping with the largest influence on the water environment and other backward production lines.In 2010, when the total output increased by 50% compared with that in 2000, the COD total discharge amount reduced by more than 90% to 1100tons, and the average daily water discharge amount reduced to 35,000 cubic meters, with significant results in pollutant discharge reduction.Recently, in order to thoroughly eliminate pollution to Pearl River, GuangzhouPaper positively responded to the call of Municipal Government – "suppressing the secondary industry and developing the tertiary industry", and shut down Haizhu Plant on December 30, 2010, so that the annual waste water discharge amount of Pearl River rear channel reduced by 10 million tons and the COD discharge amount was reduced by 1100 tons. After relocating in Nansha for the sake of environmental protection, Guangzhou Paper continued to eliminate the pulping and paper-machine production lines with heavier pollution; the COD total discharge amount was decreased by more than 40% compared with that before relocation; the annual waste water total discharge amount was decreased by 20%; the indicators were more superior that the discharge standards of advanced countries in Europe and America; the environmental protection reached the international advanced level; the water consumption per ton of paper was only 1/2 of the domestic average level.

Finally,Deputy General Manager Lin Zhaoyuan highlighted to transform the honor of "Love Pearl River – Advanced Unit in Water Environment Protection" to the new motivation, and to keep increasing environmental protection, so as to strive to realize "closer-to-zero discharge" of waste water as soon as possible,making painstaking efforts to build beautiful Pearl River!