Yuexiu Development Held Its Meeting on Summing Up of the Work of the First Half Year of 2014 and Mobilizing for the Opening of Its "Strategy and Organization Optimization" Seminar
Release Date:2014-09-18 11:45:00

On the afternoon of July 10at the conference room of floor 12 of Jinyang Edifice, Yuexiu Development held its meeting on summing up of the work of the first half year of 2014 and on mobilizing for the opening of the "Strategy and Organization Optimization" seminar. Yuexiu Development's managerial team, all the workers of the Headquarters and some backbone leaders attended the meeting. Mr. Tang Shouchun, Yuexiu Group's Vice President, and Mr. Wu Wei, General Manager of the Management Department, also attended the meeting.


Yuexiu Development's General Manager Shang Yuying, on behalf of the managerial team, made a report in title of "Consolidate the Organizational ConstructionImprove the Managerial Quality, Do Unified Planning for Standard Managementand Manage the Assets Well". The report examined the operating management of Yuexiu Development and its subordinate corporations in the first half year of 2014 in all aspects, analyzed the existent problems and difficulties in all aspects, and made a specific arrangement for the work in the second half-year. General Manager Shang says: In the first half year, under the correct leadership of Yuexiu Group, with the unremitting efforts of all the workers, Yuexiu Development basically realized its target for the half year in every business indicator, and in the second half-year, we should continue to go all out to boost the process of the key jobs in the development field and in asset disposal work, to guarantee the fulfillment of all the testing indicators.

Yuexiu Group's Vice President Tang Shouchun praised the job performance of the development field in the first half year, and introduced the present situation and status of Yuexiu Group to all the conferees. Mr. Tang says, the development field is in an advantaged position in the entire system of Yuexiu Group, bearing a non-replaceable and special missionplaying a role of supporting services to Yuexiu Group, being the platform for asset integration, management, operation, disposition and incubation.

At the meeting, Mr. Tang mobilized the students of the "Strategy and Organization Optimization" seminar of Yuexiu Development. First of all, Mr. Tang expounded the significance of the seminar from three aspectsUpgrading knowledge, reaching consensus, and solving practical problems; He specified the contents and framework of the seminar, and explained in detail the dimensions of the strategy and the elements of organizing capacity construction. In the endMr. Tang raised three requirements to the seminarFirst, we must attach importance to it in our thinking, carry out study and research strictly according to the course arrangement, and examine the homework well; Second, we must guarantee the study time and quality, and attend the lecture, do creative thinking and do the homework at the same time closely around the development reality; Third, we should do the examination well, namely, do thorough evaluation of the study process, homework quality, the degree of application, and the effect of translating into productivity, and thus, establish a good mechanism of rewards and punishments.