The Delivery Ceremony for the Share Transfer of Weixu Expressway was Held
Release Date:2012-06-20 17:06:00

On June 15, the delivery ceremony for the share transfer of Weixu Expressway was held in Xuchang City, Henan Province.First deputy mayor Xiong Guangtian of Xuchang City, chief accountant Xu Fang of the Department of Transportation of Henan Province, General Manager Zhang Zhaoxing of Yuexiu Holding Limited, Vice General Manager Liang Youpan of Yuexiu Holding Limited, General Manager Li Xinmin of Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited, and Board Chairman Zheng Youquan of Rebecca Group, etc. present at the ceremony.

Weixu Expressway is an important connection line between Daguang Expressway and Jingzhu Expressway, with a total length of 64.5 km.On October 29, 2011, Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited and Rebecca Group signed the agreement to acquire 100% of the equity of Weixu Expressway. After more than six months of effort, the government’s approval procedures and the industrial and commercial registration of changes were eventually accomplished on May 27 this year.

In his speech, General Manager Zhang Zhaoxing said that Yuexiu Holding Limited is proud to participate in this historical process of rising to prominence in the central plains with assistance of all powers.Yuexiu Holding Limited will fully take the leading professional advantages and strong ability to integrate resources in the field of transport infrastructure and make greater contributions to serving the economic and social development of Henan Province while realizing the rapid growth of the enterprise.

Zheng Youquan, Board Chairman of Rebecca Group, said in his speech at the return ceremony that Weixu Expressway has found a “good husband's family” after it was successfully transferred to Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure, which provides a powerful guarantee for the professional management and high-speed development of Weixu Expressway.At the same time, he hoped that Rebecca Group can have wider and deeper cooperation with Yuexiu Holding Limited.

Before the return banquet both parties of share transfer held a simple but grand unveiling ceremony at the Management Center of Weixu Expressway.