Toll Revenue of Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure in December Amounted to RMB 370 Million
Release Date:2013-01-28 12:11:00

RecentlyYuexiu Holding Limited’s subsidiary Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure (01052) announced its operating data of last December.

In December, the traffic volume of the expressways of Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure increasedincluding its main GNSR Expressway and Xian Expressway up by 10.7% and 6.8% to 119,500 vehicles and 47,000 vehicles respectively.  Hubei Hanxiao Expressway had the highest increase, up by 34.6%.

Due to the toll free policy in the major holidays, the toll revenue of the expressways declined. With respect to the main expressways of Yuexiu Transport Infrastructurethe toll revenue of GNSR Expressway went down by 9.5% to RMB 57.30 million while the toll revenue of Xian Expressway went up by 6.8% to RMB 19.498 million. 

In December, the toll revenue of roads and bridges held by its subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures amounted to RMB 370 million.