2014 "Guangzhou Guarantee Cup" Badminton Match of Guangdong Province' Guarantee Industry Was Completed Successfully
Release Date:2014-11-07 10:39:23

On October 24, 2014, "Guangzhou Guarantee Cup" Badminton Match sponsored by Guangdong Provincial Association of Credit Guarantee in cooperation with Guangzhou Financial Guarantee Center Limited Liability Corporation was started grandly at Guangzhou Yinxiang Badminton Hall.

In addition to the guarantee companies in our province, 20-plus governmental institutions and business banks with about 130 people joined the match, such as Guangdong Provincial Finance Office, Guangzhou Municipal Finance Office, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Middle-sized and Small Enterprises, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangzhou Municipal Government, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, Ping'an Bank and so on.

In order to show the theme of the match, "Work Hand in Hand, Together with Badminton", and promote the communication and exchange between governmental institutions, guarantee companies and business cooperative banks, this match has adopted a novel form of contest. In addition to the traditional 5 major events of men's doubles, women's doubles, mixed doubles, men's singles, and women's singles, we have also added the president group; moreover, in the team competition, we grouped the 70 forces into 14 by random lot drawing, and scored them in terms of the group, so as to improve mutual understanding and exchange between different units.

As the undertaking organization, Guangzhou Guarantee used 3 months to prepare for the match in every detail, and organized a team of 11 persons to join the match. The material resources, the number of participants and the number of prizes won have set new records in history. Among others, the mixed doubles composed of Li Weijun, vice president of our corporation, and Chen Hong, general manager of Business Department of Agricultural Bank's provincial branch, won the 4th place in the president group, Cao Qian and Li Zhi won the 4th place in men's doubles, and the team where Lin Ruiguang and Zhang Lijuan are, won the third place in the group contest. Guangzhou Guarantee also won the "Best Organization Award" of the match.

Moreover, the group championship was won by the group headed by Liu Xiaohui, vice inspector of Guangdong Provincial Finance Office, and the second place was won by the group headed by Zhang Jianyong, vice president of Zhuhai Guarantee Company, and the third place was won by the group headed by Huang Xingyao, vice director of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Middle-sized and Small Enterprises..

2014 "Guangzhou Guarantee Cup" Badminton Match of Guangdong Provincial Guarantee Industry was completed successfully with the associated efforts of the Provincial Guaranteeing Association and Guangzhou Municipal Guarantee Company. The match built up the platform of sports, cooperation and exchange, set up a warm and active sport atmosphere, enhanced the cohesive strength of the guarantee industry of our province, and showed the good image of our province's guarantee companies as healthy, aggressive and progressive corporations! At the same time, the match promoted the communication and exchange between of the guarantee companies of our province with the governmental organs and business banks, laying a good foundation for future cooperation.