Guangzhou Securities cooperated with Tencent, It would Only take 3 Minutes to Open An Account Online
Release Date:2014-09-18 11:31:48

Guangzhou Securities has recently cooperated with Tencent’s QQ, which has been the top IM company in China, to become one of the first pilot securities firm. It joined the securities and finance service platform and would find “new investors” on IM platform.

Under the background of internet finance, the cooperation was to provide more convenient and perfect services for people who were more accustomed to internet platform. The platform has many functions such as adding friends easily, real-time interaction for online consultation, convenient account opening and video verification and so on. QQ users can enjoy one-stop securities and finance services simply by adding Guangzhou Securities’ QQ.

Base on QQ, it is a financial service platform integrating securities accounts opening, marketing, customer service, interaction, social propagation. “3Q” series functions, including Q customer service, Q account transaction and Q counter, will be launched in the future to provide online financial services that will be more convenient, interactive and preferential. Furthermore, real-time communication at 7 * 24 hours between user and the background, including voice service and video service, will be realized.

Everyone who has opened an account at a service hall knows that it is not so easy. Besides a half-day off and travel time, you need to wait in line, consult, fill forms and sign which make you very tired, it is even worse that you need to fill many forms, sign and select, and transcribe the “Risk Awareness” for several times.

For now, search Guangzhou Securities’ QQ, add the QQ as friend, open up the chat window, buttons for account opening and transaction will be showed on the right side of the window. If you want to open an account, all you have to do is just a few steps as follows: click “I want to open an account” and then enter you cell-phone number and the verification code you have just received, then upload photo of your ID card, sign the agreement and bind your bank card, account opening will be finished soon. The system prompt and guides will be displayed on the dialog box at left side during the operation. If you need manual service, reply directly in the dialog box to call 7 * 24 hours online service customer service staff for help.