Building Materials Group Initiated Informatization, With ERP to Assist the Rapid Development of Main Business
Release Date:2011-11-03 10:55:00

In order to promote informatization construction conformable to the rapid development demand of main business – integration service of Building Materials Group, and establish a high-quality logistics supply information system, so as to enhance the competitiveness of Building Materials Group, Building Materials Group convened the "Phase-I Informatization Initiating Conference of Building Materials Group" in the Tertiary Business Department of Building Materials Group on the morning of October 24, 2011. Attend the meeting were the leaders of informatization task of Building Materials Group, heads of informatization-related department, members of the informatization project group and personnel of the implementation related as well as the related leaders and project leaders of the partner, nearly 30 people in total. The meeting presided over by Liu Lianxiang, Manager of Investment Development Department of Building Materials Group.

At the meeting, Chen Wei, Deputy Manager of Investment Department and Informatization Project Leader of Building Materials Group, introduced the basic information and implementation requirements of the informatization project of Building Materials Group as well as the implementation team and its duties, and the partner introduced the informatization project construction and implementation methods in Building Materials Group by the time and the implementation phase. Finally, both parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the informatization project. Building Materials Group Deputy General Manager Shen Zhiming and the principal leader of the partner gave a speech respectively at the meeting.

According to Deputy General Manager Shen Zhiming, informatization project construction is an essential fundamental project in the process of realizing the 12th Five-Year strategic plan and the transformation development of Building Materials Group, the completion of which will help us to further enhance the service quality, work efficiency, economic benefit and anti-risk ability, so we must accomplish the task of each link in a down-to-earth manner to accomplish the construction of the project earnestly and meticulously according to the required time and quality. He also brought forward the related requirements for further strengthening cooperation to accomplish the project practically to the partner in terms of staffing, equipment configuration, time, quality and price.