Guangzhou City Construction & Development Design Institute Co., Ltd signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Australian IMG in Retirement Property Sector
Release Date:2014-09-18 11:29:38

On September 2, 2014, Guangzhou City Construction & Development Design Institute Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Institute") signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Australian Independent Management Group Pty Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "IMG Company") at Guangzhou International Finance Centre. The agreement has the core of "the cause of elderly community development", and the two sides will focus on comprehensive cooperation in exploiting China’s retirement real estate market. Li Wei, the Director of the Institute, and Susan Malone, managing director of IMG signed the agreement on behalf of both parties, which was witnessed by Huang Weigang, deputy general manager of Yuexiu Property, Ms.Julie-Anne Nichols, Deputy Consul General of Australian Consulate General in Guangzhou, Mr. Wang Guorong, Business Supervisor of Australian Trade Commission, Huang Yiwen, Deputy Secretary-General of Guangdong Real Estate Association, and Wu Chunlin, Deputy Secretary-General of Retirement Real Estate Special Committee of Guangdong Real Estate Association.

At the signing ceremony, Deputy General Manager Huang Weigang, Deputy Secretary-General Huang Yiwen and Deputy Consul General Julie gave speeches and congratulations respectively. Mr Li Wei and Susan Malone described their ideas and development in the field of retirement real estate, and looked forward to the content and prospects of cooperation.

Huang Weigang, Deputy General Manager: Yuexiu Property has a clear plan of “combination of old and new” to enter the retirement real estate:

Huang Weigang, Deputy General Manager of Yuexiu Property, introduced that, in terms of social development, national policy guidance, market demand and the needs of enterprise development, the retirement real estate is bound to be a strategically important industry.

First, from the policy guidance, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to vigorously develop pension and health services, and the State Council  issued "Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Pension Services" (Doc. No. 35) last year. Since this year, the relevant ministries have introduced policies on pension services, and a number of provincial and municipal governments have also promulgated implementation opinions on accelerating the development of pension services. Therefore, the national policy framework has basically formed, policies at the local level are gradually put in place, and the policy environment for the development of pension industry is gradually maturing.

From the demand of the market, there is huge market potential for pension industry. China has entered the aging society currently, and the first generation of one-child have reached their thirties, with the universalization of "421" family structure, the pension issue for many families will have to turn to the community for solution. After thirty years of reform and opening up, the  continued growth of social wealth and individual assets have objectively provided a strong consumer support for the retirement real estate. These huge potential markets are the source of confidence for Yuexiu Property to develop retirement real estate.

The retirement real estate complies with the development philosophy and entrepreneurial spirit of Yuexiu Property. As with a large enterprise with strong sense of social responsibility, Yuexiu Property adheres to the development concept of "achieving a better life", with the spirit of "continued surpassing to be more excellent".

The key to surpassing is to surpass oneself, which is based on innovation. In recent years, Yuexiu Property has enhanced the research on retirement real estate and reserved technologies for developing retirement real estate. At present, it has completed the research of "Planning & construction standards and development & operation model of retirement real estate", and is studying "Construction standards for basic unit of endowment" and "Standardized units suitable for aging design", meanwhile it is studying the proposal of partial transformation of completed community clubhouse into daytime activity center for the elderly, and will soon launch a pilot project; the program of inserting retirement apartments in to new residential or commercial real estate is also being analyzed; it will soon launch a new project designed the elderly, which will be developed into a community for all ages in their lifetime.

Yuexiu Property enjoys good technical foundation in hardware development and design of the retirement real estate, hoping that the strategic cooperation between the Institute and IMG Company can introduce a world-class operation and service team for elderly community, so Yuexiu Property can have more comprehensive strength in the development and operation in the field of retirement real estate. Mr. Huang Weigang hopes the two sides will uphold the principle of serving the community and joint development, to promote the sharing of resources and complementary advantages, continue to consolidate the leading advantages in their respective fields, improve the ability to build and operate the elderly community, and promote the healthy development of China's endowment.

Huang Yiwen, Deputy Secretary-General: The retirement real estate in Guangdong has very broad prospects for development; and Yuexiu Property has a significant advantage in developing the retirement real estate

Huang Yiwen, Deputy Secretary-General of Guangdong Real Estate Association, pointed out that in 2013, China had more than 200 million old people with 60 years of age, while the proportion of the resident population aged 65 and above in Guangdong Province reached 8.17%. In the past two years, from the central to local government, all levels have given strong support to retirement real estate from the policy and funds. Guangzhou recently released the "Guangzhou endowment services facility layout planning (2013-2020)", with provisions that in the 2013-2020 planning period, the ten districts of Guangzhou City will plan 53 pieces of land for pension institutions, with a net land area of 144.42 hectares. The retirement real estate in China and Guangdong has very broad prospects for development.

Huang Yiwen pointed out that, as a director unit of Retirement Real Estate Special Committee of Guangdong Real Estate Association, Yuexiu Property has significant advantages in the development of retirement real estate. Yuexiu Property has thirty years of experience in real estate development, especially in large community and commercial property; With a complete chain of real estate development and large customer accumulation, its strong brand credibility will also become the core advantage of retirement real estate. As a subsidiary of Yuexiu Property and a deputy director unit of Retirement Real Estate Special Committee of the Real Estate Association, Guangzhou City Construction & Development Design Institute Co.,Ltd, with strong technical strength and rich experience in planning, consulting, design and other fields of endowment projects, has completed the design for many medical care and conservation projects. In recent years it has completed the research of "Retirement real estate planning & construction standards and develop & operation model", providing technical reserves for Yuexiu Property into the retirement real estate, and also providing strong technical support for the provincial Real Estate Association to promote the development and operation of retirement real estate in the entire industry.

Julie, Deputy Consul: Cooperation in the field of endowment and Australia will become a new highlight and growth in bilateral trade and economic cooperation between China and Australia

Ms. Julie-Anne Nichols, Deputy Consul General of Australian Consulate-General in Guangzhou said that Australia entered the aging society from 1950s, accumulating rich experience for the development of pension industry, and giving birth to a number of representative projects and operators with advanced concepts and mature operation, IMG was one of the outstanding representatives, which makes Australia the leader of pension services in the world. Cooperation in the field of pension will become a new highlight and growth in bilateral economic and trade cooperation between China and Australia, with broad prospects for development. She hoped that through this strategic cooperation, the introduction of Australian experience would promote the development of China's retirement real estate to a higher level.

Li Wei, the Dean: Urban Construction Design Institute has completed the research of relevant technical standards and development model for retirement real estate

Li Wei said, as a comprehensive design institute, Guangzhou City Construction & Development Design Institute Co.,Ltd enjoys a mature and complete design chain in the field of retirement real estate, committed to the integrated development of consulting - scheming - planning - design services for the pension community and residential. In recent years, the Institute has completed the planning and design of multiple pension-related projects such as Guangzhou Dongshan Welfare House, Pansong House of the First People's Hospital and No. 2 Pension House of Liwan District. In 2013, it also established the research center of retirement real estate and completed the research of "Planning & construction standards and development & operation model of retirement real estate", with the ongoing research of "Construction standards for endowment basic unit" and "Standardized unit suitable for aging design", which has laid a good technical foundation for design and consulting of pension community.

Li Wei believed that at this stage the real estate companies can start the development of retirement real estate from inserting daycare facilities in the general community and retirement apartments in the general community or commercial property, or building residential suitable for the elderly, to create full age communities that adapt to the needs of Chinese old people, without leaving their familiar living environment, but also meet various designs suitable for the elderly, and people at all ages can live for a lifetime.

Li Wei hoped that, with IMG’s extensive experience in development, operation, management and services plus the Institute’s practical experience and research results in the field of endowment design and consulting, the powerful alliance will explore a full chain of endowment service model from development, design, management to service. The two sides will carry out comprehensive consulting, planning and design, management and operations and other technical exchanges in the elderly community, to build cooperation platform to enhance business innovation capabilities and achieve complementary advantages, to jointly promote the healthy development of China's endowment industry.

Susan Malone, Managing Director: The endowment nursing experience in Australia is to allow the elderly of all ages to live dignified and meaningful life

Ms. Susan Malone, Managing Director of Australian IMG, has been engaged in the industry of elderly living in Australia for many years. In the past four years, Susan spent a lot of time in China doing research and investigation, studying Chinese domestic endowment environment, and thinking about how to adjust their experience in Australia for use in China. Susan believed that China has realized that the country must seek innovation to provide well-respected, dignified, and meaningful comfortable life for the elderly while addressing the problem of aging. The elderly can be encouraged to participate in activities together with like-minded friends in a pleasant environment, to achieve the purpose of the exercise of thinking. The human body must make it vibrant through exercise and maintain optimal health. Our goal should be to keep people in good condition, not to restore the body after deterioration. The well-functioning pension community and their managers know how to realize these goals through support and encouragement. Telemedicine and motion detection sensors and other advanced technology should be used in the community to bring convenience for the frail elderly.

Susan said that there are many ways to improve the quality of life and longevity, but it needs persisting implementation and to be ready to accept the change. The research on retirement living and vision of the future development of Guangzhou Urban Construction and Development Institute were delightful, IMG sincerely hoped to go hand in hand toward a common dream with the Institute and Yuexiu Property, to create a better quality of life for the elderly.