The Opening Ceremony of the Eighth Guangzhou Baima Garment Procurement Festival was held
Release Date:2014-09-18 11:27:00

On the morning of August 16, "China Chic, Baima Style"- 2014 Guangzhou Baima Costume Procurement Festival had its grand opening in the atrium on the first floor of Baima. Du Yuzhou, the honorary president of China National Textile And Apparel Council, Xia Lingmin, vice president of China National Textile And Apparel Council and president of Circulation Branch, Yang Donghui, consultant of China National Textile And Apparel Council and honorary president of Circulation Branch, Yang Yong, deputy director of Guangzhou Economic and Trade Commission, Chen Lingli, Vice Mayor of Yuexiu District of Guangzhou, Yao Rongbin, honorary president of Guangzhou Clothing Trade Association, Liu Yueping, president of Guangdong Association of Garment and Garment Article Industry, Liu Yongjie, deputy general manager of Yuexiu Holding Limited and president of Yuexiu REIT Asset Management Limited, Chief Executive Officer – Lin Deliang, Deputy Chief Executive Officer- Cheng Jiuzhou and other guests and leaders attended the opening ceremony.

This year, Yuexiu government sought to integrate market resources in Liuhua Kuangquan commercial circle, to promote transformation and upgrading with focus on Guangzhou Baima Garment Market, to create influence of "China. Liuhua" nationwide. As an important part of the "2014 China Liuhua International Fashion Festival", the theme of this procurement festival was "China Chic. Baima Style". With demonstrating Baima’s upgrade results and promoting original brands as important entry point, it launched contest for Baima’s ten new brands and held five conferences of brand new arrivals. Combined with garment debut in the garment area on the first floor of Baima, customer matchmaking groups, “Procurement Grand Offer” of numerous brands and other series of marketing activities, it attracted hundreds of leading markets and thousands of professional procurement businesses for this annual event of garment industry.

Original brands, dreams from Baima

The "Dreams From Here", one of the series of micro films of Baima dreams with the prototype of quality brand founders in Baima market, officially kicked off the Eighth Baima Procurement Festival. After 21 years of development, Baima has given birth to Goelia, Girdear, Kaiser, Duoyi and other national famous original brands, and hatched 37 "China garment growth brands" and 25 "China garment excellent channel brands". Just as said in the media report quoted at the end of the micro-film: "Baima is the treasure plate of Liuhua, the entrepreneur's paradise and the cradle of dreams, which leads a large number of excellent clothing brands to start off to the country and the world."

To promote the brand development, every year Baima conducts selection of brands with outstanding performance in brand building, management and marketing in the past year. In the Procurement Festival this year, Lizhi Meizhu and other 9 brands emerged from 33 candidates as the "2014 top ten new brands of Guangzhou Baima Garment Market", and six brands of them won "Advantageous proprietary fashion brands of 2014 China Liuhua International Garment Festival”, polishing the brand card of “China. Liuhua". Ms. He Jianzhen, the head of "Grade" brand, said in an interview: "I appreciate Baima for providing such a good platform to realize my dream of fashion, and I hope with the help of Baima, the brand can achieve the goal of all-round expansion in the near future, to the country and the world".

Baima has become truly the "Chinese garment brands incubator".

"2014 Guangzhou Baima Garment Market Ten New Brands" awards

Cross-industry alliance to promote the integration of garment industry

Cheng Jiuzhou, vice president of Yuexiu REIT and head of Baima Market, Yang Yong, deputy director of Guangzhou Economic and Trade Commission, Mr. Xia Lingmin, vice president of China National Textile And Apparel Council and president of Circulation Branch, respectively gave speeches on the measures taken by Baima to promote the development of original brands, the development trend of garment enterprise’s own brands in the industry and the significance of transformation and upgrading of traditional garment industry, hoping that with the leadership of Baima, more specialized markets and garment brands can actively explore and pursue the development of brands with new thinking, to comprehensively promote the construction of China's own  brands.

Cheng Jiuzhou said that the theme of this year's Baima Procurement Festival was "China Chic, Baima Style", which was designed to embody Baima’s intention and mission to foster local garment brands and lead the trend of Chinese fashion. Baima will firmly take the road of brand development and conduct all-round construction of channels, which is committed to promoting integration of garment industry, to create Baima into a real dream works of garment brands, with the core competitiveness of "original brand, quality products, primary sources and direct factory price".

In the opening ceremony, Baima made strategic alliance with China Commerce Association, Korea Garment Culture Association and Beijing Analysys Asia Pacific Science and Technology Co., Ltd., expanding channels of department stores, e-commerce and overseas markets for Baima brands and obtaining more cross-border and cross-industry resources.

New arrival show for autumn and winter,  showing the charm of the original

The annual Baima event is not only a collision of wisdom, but a visual feast, and the "2014 Baima joint show of new arrivals for autumn and winter" was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the day. On the stage in the atrium of Baima which is full of innovative design, around the concept of "original design", the models showed the infinite charm of the original design with changing colors and images, bringing the house down with stunning effect, through the main line of origin, essence and return.It is understood that the organizer synchronously broadcast the grand opening ceremony live to global buyers through webcast technology at Baima garment website and Baima WeChat platform, to spread "China Chic .Baima Style" to the world!

In addition, during August 16 to20, a boutique fashion show will be staged at Baima atrium every day, a group of Baima new brands will continue to showcase the most popular new arrivals for autumn and winter, highlighting the charm and value of Baima’s original brands.

Channel integration allows "matchmaking" and "purchase" connected to ground aura

In the “National Sourcing Groups Matchmaking” concluded on August 15, more than 600 buyers gathered in Baima for precise matchmaking with one thousand businesses and brand suppliers, and the "Baima brand" was widely sought after. Many buyers immediately placed orders for large quantity of the brands they fell in "love at first sight", saying that there’re many more for procurement in this half day. Baima combined one hundred brand businessmen to launch the discount book of "Grand offer for purchase", which also allowed buyers to taste "the first taste of soup" of new arrivals for autumn and winter with best discount.

In an interview the accompanying buyer said: "I have heard the good name of Baima, which really lives up to its reputation when come here for the first time! The matchmaking platform built by Baima is very direct and efficient, which is most likely to produce results!"