Move Towards the Sky IFC Nation-wide Climbing Challenge Grandly Takes off
Release Date:2013-09-24 19:21:00

Everyone has a dream to conquer the sky. Today, the opportunity is here.

On September 23,Yuexiu Property announced that, in its building with a height of 432 meters -- Guangzhou International Finance Center (“Guangzhou IFC”) , one of the ten tallest buildings in the world, the Nation-wide Climbing Challenge (“Climbing Challenge”) will be held on November 3. So far this is the world’s highest “Building Climbing Challenge”. It is also a great opportunity to conquer the summit of Guangzhou.

On that day, Yuexiu Property also announced the slogan of the Climbing Challenge:Starting point is at the high-end of the world. It is reported that the Climbing Challenge will be held annually in the future.

The world's highest runway

Climbing is a kind of challenging sports with many years of history abroad, the most famous of which is the Empire State Building Climbing Challenge, which was first held in 1978 and thus has a history of 36 years; in the race, the players started from the lobby on the first floor, climbing a total of 1,576 steps and finally reaching the Viewing Platform on the 86th floor with a vertical height of 320 meters. 

Although it is a rising star,IFC Climbing Challenge is more stimulating since its birth.  According to the introduction by Yuexiu Property, the organizer, the competition will start at Guangzhou IFC’s office tower lobby on the first floor and the finishing point is on the 103rd floor, the top of the building, with a vertical height of 432 meters and a total of 2,652 steps. Both the height and the number of steps of Guangzhou IFC Climbing Challenge surpass those of the Empire State Building Climbing Challenge. It is the world’s highest “Building Climbing Challenge”.

Repaying the society as usual 

As for the reason to hold Climbing Challenge, Vice General Manager of Yuexiu Property Zhu Chen said that the 30-year growth of Yuexiu Property is inseparable from the understanding and support of all walks of life as well as the trust and help of the owners and tenants. The purpose of this activity to repay the society, so the proprietors category is specially established in the race.

In fact,“For a Better Life” is always the enterprise vision of Yuexiu Property. At the 30th anniversary of Yuexiu Property,the Company launched a series of activities, including the Crown Cup “2013 Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Races”, the “ Original Guangzhou – Contest on Guessing the Old Photos” and Community Games, so that consumers can feel history and culture as well as the change and development of the city and have a healthy and happy life.

Please Sign up for the Big Prizes of RMB 500,000

With the launch of Guangzhou IFC Climbing Challenge, Guangzhou has three major sporting events, including crossing the Pearl River, Marathon and building Climbing, covering “air, sea and land”. Then, how can one sign up for the Guangzhou IFC Climbing Challenge? 

As shown in the registration information provided by Yuexiu Property, anyone from 18 to 50 with healthy body and love for sports can sign up for the race; the registration starts on September 23 and will end on October 11, 2013, and applicants will be registered on the first-served basis due to the limited number of places; registration sites are located in the sales departments of the major projects of Yuexiu Property throughout the country.

In terms of specific execution, the Climbing Challenge will be divided into competition group, corporate group and leisure group, of which the competition group will race to the summit on the 103rd floor while other groups may challenge the height of 62 storeys.

However, because climbing is a strenuous exercise, those who have signed up for the race must attend the physical fitness test and climbing training camp between October 12 and October 20. Yuexiu Property welcomes more people to participate in the race, make self break-though, and enjoy health.

Of course, as a nation-wide event, the total prizes of this Climbing Challenge amount to RMB 500,000, including the single highest prize of EMB 50,000.