The Third Innovation Contest held by Yuexiu Group Announces Finalists
Release Date:2019-09-02 15:42:34

The Final Round of the Third Innovation Contest held by Yuexiu Group (“the Final”) was held successfully at Guangzhou International Financial Center on August 28. Zhang Zhaoxing, the Secretary of the Party Committee and the President of Yuexiu Group, Wu Enbo, associate vice president of HKUST (Professional in the field of knowledge transfer), Shi Pengfei, which is Vice Inspector of Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the vice general manager of Yuexiu Group, Tan Sima, the deputy director of the Management Committee of Yuexiu Group, Wang Shuhui, the general legal counselor of Yuexiu Group, He Yuping and the president of Maker College, Yan Lin attended the Final.

The theme of this Innovation Contest is to drive innovation and to facilitate development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. President Zhang Zhaoxing emphasized that the hope of the nation lies on innovation and the development of an enterprise relies on innovation. Various departments of the Group and all walks from society responded positively to the Third Innovation Contest after being held by Yuexiu Group, to which especially “bringing in” programs added more vitality and passion. In the future, Yuexiu group will keep adhering to supporting scientific and technological innovation and to go deeper in participation in industrial innovation and will push ahead with technical transformation and technology improvement of transport business, urban modern agriculture, paper-making business and other business sectors so as to integrate the industrial resources, focus on the key development projects of the group and to upgrade corporate development capability level.

      In the Final, 12 teams from Yuexiu Group and 5 teams of  the“bringing in” programs conducted road shows in turn. After taking multiple challenges in the mass-election and the quarter-final, they finally stood on the stage of the Final and competed for the championship, carrying their passion for and dream of innovation along. All the teams gave“6+4” wonderful road shows and fierce debates, after which the finalists were announced:
Among 12 Inside Programs:

      The Intelligent Rent Team who explicated the topic of intelligent and favorable zero-rent won the championship of the Third Innovation Contest for the inside programs.
The programs, “Baima Web Celebrity’s Live Video Streaming Supply Chain Service Platform” and “Turn Zero-Ink-Residue Burning Product into Resources for Integrated Utilization” won the second prize respectively.
      “Yuexiu Umbrella-User-friendly Double Use Umbrealla”, “E-HOUSE Creative and Highly Effective Space Design” and “ALPHA GO Data Analysis Platform” won the third prize respectively.

      Among 5 “Bringing-in” Programs:

      “Low-Power-Consumption AI Chip for End User”, “3D Architecture Smart Surveying and Mapping” and “Nimble Manufacturing and Superior Design of Aerospace Equipment” won the Outstanding Award for “bringing-in” programs.

“Qianniao Interconnection”team and “Better Solution Technology” team won the Finalist Award for “bringing-in” programs.

The six programs, i.e. “Technology of Filling Widened Roadbed with Solidified Soil”, “Xingyuan Program”, “Brown Kraft Pulp Board for Newspaper Material Program” , “HK Consumption Credit and Loan”, “Yunxiu Program”, “Expressway Intelligent Logistics Park” won the Excellence Award for inside programs.

Furthermore, to better stimulate the passion for innovation of the teams participating in the contest, this Contest set up several special awards for innovative start-up teams. Yuexiu Transport won the best organization award, “Produce 101” team won the most popular team award, “Shinning Umbrella” team won the best exhibition award, and Zhang Weihua from “Shinning Umbrella” team, Liu Yukai from “E—HOUSE” team and Zhu Yunxiong from “Tuhao” team won the award of innovation star.

On the site of the Contest, Wu Enbo, associate vice president of HKUST shared with the contestants his views about innovation and starting a business and point out emphatically that a company can help create new visions and realize a new leap in business development by utilizing scientific technology. He stated that no matter for innovation or for start-up, an enterprise should follow the trend closely and push forward with industrialized development of innovative technology. Start-ups, especially, should firstly build core competitiveness and work hard to survive in the market. And it has to keep passion for developing its business and have a wish and will power for changing the world. Finally, to become larger-scale and stronger, it should focus on developing and improving the technology, including the core technologies driving the future development like AI, big data, Internet security and block chain. In the years to come, more and more enterprises will pay key attention to protection of intellectual property and will develop enterprise defense capability and strategic development capability by protecting its intellectual property.

      Since its initiation in the middle of May, 2019, the Third Innovation Contest of Yuexiu Group has been like an innovation carnival of Yuexiu Group people, which builds a strong creation and start-up atmosphere in the Group, stimulates the employees’ passion for innovation and explores out excellent innovation programs from the Company. In order to support the good programs’ successful incubation and execution, the Group established a 100-million innovation investment fund. And Yuexiu Group will continue improving the measures on management of innovation fund and further upgrading the innovation investment mechanism to ensure more efficient decision-making of innovation investment. After conclusion of the Third Innovation Contest, the Company will go on seeking for potential innovation programs inside and outside the Company and support the excellent innovation programs in making in-depth feasibility study of corporate operation by means of direct equity investment and project cooperation.
      In the past 35 years of Yuexiu Group’s development, Yuexiu Group has made innovation its distinctive characteristic by Yuexiu Investment’s being listed, the birth of China mainland’s first REITs created by Yuexiu Group, Yuexiu Group’s acquisition of Chong Hing Bank and Yuexiu Group’s first local listed financial holding platform. Over ten programs selected from the past two Innovation Contests have been put in practice after cultivation and incubation. And some star projects such as Yuexiuhui and investment risk evaluation model application have generated considerable economic benefits, which played an integral key role in promoting Yuexiu Group’s high quality and healthy development.
      Having taken the experiences of the past two innovation contests into consideration, the Third Innovation Contest made further improvements on the system, competing category and scope, review mechanism and program quality. By closely focusing on the theme of driving innovation and facilitating development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, this Contest further promotes the Group’s transformation to new development patterns such as operation-driven, resource-driven, and innovation-driven development pattern, releasing the Group’s innovation, start-up and making capabilities. Meanwhile, Yuexiu Group will take advantage of the major front of innovation, i.e.  Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to motivate building of “finance + technology + strategic emerging industries” coordinative development mode and to facilitate construction of the International Science and Technology Innovation Center of the Greater Bay Area.