Yuexiu Held the Ceremony for Completion of Its Project for Aiding Daping Township's Central Primary School
Release Date:2014-11-07 11:06:14

On October 23, 2014, Yuexiu Daping Township's Central Primary School held the ceremony for completion of the project, becoming the first school reconstructed completely in Tianquan County after the earthquake of Ya'an. Those attending the ceremony included leaders of Yuexiu Group, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and Ya'an's governments of all levels, all the teachers and pupils of the school, and some villagers. They held the flag raising ceremony and the key turning ceremony. The school presented a precious album of pictures recording the "Re-birth" of Daping Township's Primary School, and the atmosphere was very warm and moving. The group company's vice president Tan Sima, together with vice-chairman of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Chen Kaizhi, vice-chairman of Sichuan Provincial Poverty-elimination Aid Foundation Chen Hong, vice-chairman of Ya'an City's Municipal Political Consultant Committee Mao Kai, head of Tianquan County's People's Government Chen Shiyi, and other welcome guests and leaders uncovered the signboard of the school.

Daping Township's Central Primary School was founded in 1951. When the earthquake occurred, there were 7 teaching classes altogether, with 241 pupils and 16 faculty members. Owing to the effect of Lushan Earthquake of April 20, more than 800 square meters' comprehensive building was damaged seriously. As a result of appraisal, it became a Class-D dangerous premise; the teaching building of the upper sports ground was damaged seriously, too, with heavy shedding of the wall plastering, and it was appraised as Class-C dangerous premise. Yuexiu Group's reconstruction after the disaster covered the teaching building and its auxiliary facilities. After the reconstruction, the school is as large as 8600 square meters, including a building area of 2226.82 square meters. The new schoolyard is reasonable in design, graceful in environment and excellent in quality. The teaching condition has been greatly improved.

Vice-chairman of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Chen Kaizhi said: "During the implementation of the project for aiding Daping Township, Yuexiu Group not only donated funds, but also spent a lot of resources, manpower and technical force in it, although it is as far as Guangzhou. It sent people to the spot to help the project for more than ten times, keeping the requirements for high standard and high quality, even offering specific opinions on the details of construction work. It served as a strong supporter for the completion of the project with good quality and high speed."

Yuexiu Group has always been zealous about philanthropy and public welfare. After the "4.20" earthquake of Ya'an, it set about donation of money and things at once, and only one month later, it sent an investigation group to the disaster area to discuss the reconstruction after the disaster, just because the group company has the "Caring about public welfare, and requiting to the society" philosophy in their mind. Yuexiu Daping Township's Central Primary School's timely completion with good quality is the result of the support and concerted efforts from all the parties concerned. In Mr. Tan's speech, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to Ya'an and Tianquan County governments of all levels, the Poverty-elimination Aid and Emigration, Tianquan County Bureau of Education, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Huaxi Group, Chengdu Institute of Design, the supervisory corporation, and the teachers and pupils of the school.

At the same time, Mr. Tan said, the help for reconstruction of the schoolhouse is not the end, but only a beautiful start. Then, Yuexiu Group will set up "Yuexiu Love Fund" at the school, including the award fund to excellent faculty members and the scholarship to the pupils; moreover, they will continue to offer money to buy educational aids for "music education, physical education and fine arts education". Furthermore, Yuexiu Group will keep on mobilizing the enterprise' strength, such as planning to send some employees to help the teaching, in the form of one-for-one helping, so as to support the overall development of the school from both hardware and software, helping the children grow up!

Finally, the completion ceremony ended in the singing and laughter of the children, which has left a lasting inspiration to the guests present. Just as the golden characters "Keep on transcending, and try to be more excellent" on the culture wall of the playground says, let's show love to them together, and we hope Daping Township's Primary School will have an even nicer tomorrow!