[Ya’an Daily] Reconstruction Project of Daping Central Primary School at Tianquan County is to be Accomplished at the end of August.
Release Date:2014-08-23 17:10:20

Reconstruction project of Daping Central Primary School, which had received a donation of RMB 5 million from China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and Guangzhou Yuexiu Holding Limited, started last November. Now, six months have passed. How is it going on and when will it be accomplished? The reporter came to the construction field to for the progress of the project on May 8.

All parts of construction are going on orderly.

The moment when we entered the construction field, we could feel the tense and busy atmosphere. On May 8, more than 20 workers were working in full swing to build steel frame for a new teaching building, and many other workers were carrying gravel and transporting building materials.

According to the responsible person of the school, the teaching building was severely damaged in the Lushan earthquake on April 20th and could not be used anymore. In order to reduce the influence of earthquake on schooling, tents were put up on April 24 and the school resumed classes in the following day. It was the first school to resume classes in the county. On May 21, the school moved to the barrack-like house of Daping village committee for classes.

“The foundation of the former comprehensive building subsided after the earthquake last year, with the whole building tilting and the front and back column cap broken, and should be pulled down. Therefore, we are having strict quality control on the new teaching building.” The construction manager of the project said that the quality of building materials were strictly controlled, various measures during constructing should be all in line with the national standards, any slack should not be allowed.

The reporter on the field see that the foundation of teaching building has been mostly accomplished and construction of beam column of the first floor has begun. By the side of the teaching building was the new canteen. The formwork of the canteen foundation has been accomplished and concrete placing will begin. All parts of the construction are going on orderly.

Work overtime to catch up with the schedule

The students of Daping Central Primary School were having classes in barrack-like house for a whole year after the earthquake. The head of the school said that “although the barrack-like classrooms could guarantee the normal teaching activities, it is worse than the teaching building. Barrack-like classrooms were cold in winter and hot in summer, and leaking in rainy day. The conditions were rather tough. As teachers, they also hoped to move into the new teaching building as soon as possible so that the students could focus on learning in a good environment.

“We have been at work in the construction field on weekends, and even on May Day, since the project began.” “We are building up a place for kids’ schooling. However tough it is, we will never complain anything. ” The workers told the reporter that there were as many as 50 workers at the site, who were working overtime every day so that the kids could return to normal schooling as soon as possible.

“The project is expected to be accomplished in August and put into service in September.” The construction manager of the project told the reporter that at the current rate of progress, it could be accomplished as scheduled. However, they assured teachers and students that they would accelerate the construction and strive for earlier completion under the premise of quality guarantee.

It is said that the new Daping Central Primary School covering 1801 square metres: 1500 square metres for teaching comprehensive building and office building and 301 square metres for living rooms such as canteen, etc., can hold 300 students. There will also be a new playground to fully guarantee the normal education.

Intern reporter: Wei Liuru, Reporter: Song Danqing