[Charitable Projects Promotions] Yuexiu Holding Limited and Guangzhou Securities Subscribed RMB 2.53 million and Intended to Found a Charitable Foundation
Release Date:2014-06-24 14:28:48

On the morning of June 23, the Second Guangzhou Charitable Projects Promotion was held ceremoniously at Baiyun International Convention Center. On behalf of Yuexiu Holding Limited, Zhu Chunxiu, General Manager of Yuexiu Holding Limited, made bids during the Event and subscribed RMB 1.53 million; on behalf of Guangzhou Securities, Liu Dong, President of Guangzhou Securities, subscribed RMB 1 million. The whole Group subscribed a total of RMB 2.53. The donations would go for poverty alleviation projects for three poor villages in Fengshun County, Meizhou, Guangdong Fire Aid Foundation and charitable projects of Zengcheng Charity Society.

(General Manager Zhu Chunxiu made subscribtion on behalf of Yuexiu Holding Limited)

(President Liu Dong made subscribtion on behalf of Guangzhou Securities)

Working hard to create economic benefit, Yuexiu Holding Limited has never forgotten the enterprise mission of “Three Repayments”, which represents for “to repay shareholders, staffs and society”. Yuexiu Holding Limited is an active participator in public benefit activities such as poverty alleviation and development and charitable contribution, etc. to fulfill their social responsibility. In recent years, Yuexiu has successfully accomplished all the poverty alleviation tasks requested by the higher-ups. All the poor villages engaged in counterpart cooperation got out of poverty ahead of schedule in 2011 and long-term poverty alleviation mechanism was established. Currently, Yuexiu Holding Limited is promoting work of poverty alleviation in three villages in Fengshun county, Meizhou. We will surely accomplish this task with the attitude of “earnestly supporting the poor in need” and our rich experiences. Yuexiu has always been taking responsibilities and participating actively in the face of catastrophes. According to incomplete statistics, Yuexiu Holding Limited has been donating more than RMB 40 million to all circles of the society from the year 2008. We could see Yuexiu Holding Limited participate actively and whole-heartedly in disaster relief during Wenchuan Earthquake, Ya’an Earthquake, eastern Guangdong flood, etc..

Looking into the future, Yuexiu Holding Limited will continue to talk and cooperate with each related group to perform its social responsibilities better. The power of one enterprise is finite. Yuexiu Holding Limited hopes to build up a public welfare platform and integrate resources in the future. Thus, the Group is setting up an enterprise public welfare foundation to realize professional management of public welfare practice. We are going to integrate resources of staffs, clients, partners, NGOs, etc. to form a synergy and to create public welfare brand together.