Yuexiu Property Led the Happiness Delivering of “ One Square Metre of Public Welfare”
Release Date:2014-04-23 18:38:00

2014 “Love, Dream & Share” happiness delivering public welfare series activities started from IFC.

April 23 was the World Reading Day, and 2014 “Love, Dream & Share” happiness delivering public welfare series activities and and 2014 “Scholarly Tianhe” civil reading activities started in Guangzhou IFC. The activities were hosted by the Communist Party Guangzhou Tianhe District Propaganda Department, Tianhe Central Commercial Management Committee, Southern Metropolis Daily, etc.. Yuexiu Property also participated in the events. The first “One Square Metre of Public Welfare” was declared to be located in IFC at the launching ceremony.

“One Square Metre of Public Welfare” advocates honesty and friendly self-service communication space. Both book borrowing and returning demand good faith. The self-service library not only realizes the dream of reading any time anywhere of urban white-collar workers, but also creates self-service communication space to deliver happiness, advocating integrity social intercourse concept with love, dream and share. Our company also hopes to promote cultural connotation of Yuexiu Property and IFC by participating the activity.

“Enclosure” for public welfare, voluntary to ensure service

As the first responding co-organizer of 2014 “Love, Dream & Share” happiness delivering public welfare series activities in Tianhe District, our company coordinated with Yuexiu REIT actively to lay off the costly Western Tower as the first site for public welfare, and called on our staff and relative enterprises to donate books for “One Square Metre of Public Welfare”. Furthermore, our company also called on our internal employees for participation and management of “One Square Metre of Public Welfare”, such as registering borrower data, sorting books and interpreting and advocating “One Square Metre of Public Welfare”, etc., setting public welfare as an important element of our enterprise culture.

The first one to subscribe books for poor family to realize their dreams.

At the launch ceremony, specially designed “Love, Dream & Share” happiness delivering packages made its debute. A vivid “Wishing Tree” was filled with reading dreams of children from poor family. Enterprises in Tianhe CBD helped poor families at Tianhe District in “one-on-one” way. By donating books or accompanying reading, they realized the reading dreams of the children. The first books our company subscribed will provide the chance of reading for children being kept away from books for poverty.

It was introduced that the mode of “One Square Metre of Public Welfare” in IFC would be gradually introduced to Tianhe CBD and even every building or community in whole Guangzhou after a period of operation, getting the happiness delivering of packages “Love, Dream & Share” carrying books, small gifts, little wish of underprivileged children, etc. “drifting” among buildings. If the idea of “One Site for Every Building” can be realized in the future, books borrowing and returning between different buildings in CBD white-collar workers can borrow and return books in different buildings. For example, they can borrow books at Western Tower and return them at Teem Tower, or “exchange” books periodically in each building.