Ya’an Primary School Reconstructed by Yuexiu Holding Limited will be Accomplished and Put into Use later this year
Release Date:2014-04-21 10:09:22

At 8:02 a.m. on April 20, 2013, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake occurred at Lushan County in Ya’an with a death toll of 196, 21 people disappeared, and 11470 people were injured.

After the disaster, people all over the country were affected and they were lining up to provide assistance. Yuexiu Holding Limited with its subsidiaries reacted quickly, discussed internally immediately and contacted charitable organizations to discuss the best aid-giving. On April 22, real estate and industry sectors of Yuexiu Holding Limited had donated RMB 6 million for earthquake stricken area. With voluntary contributions by staff, the donation reached a total of over RMB 6.83 million to fully support earthquake relief efforts.

In order to implement the donations more efficiently and to provide greater help for people in the stricken area, Yuexiu Holding Limited considered to help the reconstruction of the devastated area with our business, besides donation. On May 23, only one month after the earthquake, Yuexiu Holding Limited with its subsidiaries had formed a survey team to Ya’an for a comprehensive investigation, as the first enterprise to visit the devastated area for reconstruction.

Accompanied by the relative governmental departments such as local Bureau of Education and Poverty Alleviation Bureau and so on and several social charity organizations, Yuexiu Holding Limited investigated and interviewed ten hard-hit primary, secondary schools and kindergartens and one village in Ya’an. Based on the investigation, the Group deliberately chose to cooperat with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, a 5A foundation with rich experiences of post-disaster reconstruction for reconstruction of Daping Central Primary School in Tianquan county. This project was the biggest single infrastructural reconstruction project in Lushan stricken by earthquake.

After the discussion, “a joint working group for Daping Central Primary School reconstruction project” was founded by Yuexiu Holding Limited and Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, coordinating their own resources for reconstruction. The project went on very well under the full collaboration of both parties which were doing their best: on November 11, 2013, the original teaching building rated as dilapidated building was removed; on December 26, foundation stone laying ceremony of Daping reconstruction project was held; in early 2014, foundation works of the project started, and at present, concrete casting of the foundation has been accomplished. According to the plan, the whole reconstruction project will be fully accomplished in the coming August, and in September, children will have classes in new classrooms.

Cooperated with the Foundation in the disaster relief project, Yuexiu Holding Limited with real estate as one of its main businesses, not only provided financial support, but also heavily got itself involved in the implementation. Professional technicians were sent together with the Foundation to form an executive team and got deeply involved in key points such as site selection evaluation of the project, project procedures and schedule management, construction units selection, control of project design and pricing, etc. and offered professional advice. Simultaneously, Yuexiu Holding Limited mobilized supply chain partners to work for the project for good quality and efficiency. This innovative public welfare mode of “contributing donation and our expertise under our professional background to get deeply involved in the implementation of public welfare project” is the true reflection of “Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility”, the brand characteristic of Yuexiu Holding Limited.

In the future, Yuexiu Holding Limited will continue to practice its public welfare philosophy, dedicate to environment protection and promote social harmony to realize multi-wins and make contribution to shareholders, staffs and society and constantly progress for the “dreams” of individuals, enterprise and the country. Yuexiu Holding Limited is inviting you to pay attention to the reconstruction of the stricken areas. Let us expect the new appearance of Daping Central Primary School in the coming September.