Yuexiu Holding Limited Donated Waste classification Facilities to Zhucun Street in Zengcheng.
Release Date:2014-03-18 18:20:22

On March 13, the handover ceremony of donating waste classification facilities to Zhucun Street in Zengcheng was held at Zhucun Community Service Center.

Under the background of comprehensively promotion of waste classification in Guangzhou, the donation was carried out to enhance waste classification at Zhucun Street. Yuexiu Holding Limited had been highly advocating environmental awareness. Waste classification will bring in more effective resource recycle and create cleaner environment.

The waste classification facilities donated by Yuexiu Holding Limited included 80 hand-push dustbins of 660 liters, 240 garbage cans of 240 liters, 100 set of double-barreled trash cans, with a total value of nearly RMB 200 thousand. Director Yuan Fengnong of the Street Office expressed his thanks to Yuexiu Holding Limited for the donation, and introduced the work development of waste classification in the previous phase, the work plan for the next step and how to use these donated facilities well. Both sides discussed actively on how to further promote the work of waste classification at Zhucun Street.

Thereafter, Yuexiu Holding Limited will contact relevant government agencies and social forces to continue supervising and assisting Zhucun Street to push sanitation of the street by strengthening publicity, education and volunteering activities, and so on.