Yuexiu Group and Yuexiu Property winning awards of "2014 Innovation Brands Affecting China" and "2014 Best Quality Integrity Brand Affecting China" respectively
Release Date:2015-03-17 14:36:01

The China Business Leaders & Media Leaders Annual Conference2014 China Business Leaders & Media Leaders Annual Conference & Top Brand Contributors Awarding Ceremony was held on December 20 inBeijing.Yuexiu GroupandYuexiu Propertywon the honorary title of "2014 Innovation Brands Affecting China" and "2014 Best Quality Integrity Brand Affecting China" respectively.

The China Business Leaders & Media Leaders Annual Conference, co-sponsored by China Advertiser Association of SASAC, Advertising School of CUC and Public Relations & Foreign Affairs Institute of Renmin University, and assisted by Guangming Daily and CCTV, has become an iconic event with the highest level, largest scale and most extensive influence in annual joint meetings of Chinese enterprise and media sectors. At this annual meeting, domestic and foreign participants carried out theme speech and exchanges on important issues such as media convergence, brand strength, integration of marketing and communications, and digital marketing, around the "brand communication and cross-border integration and development", and discussed the status quo of "big changes" of domestic media sector in the mobile Internet era, expectations of "great fusion" of traditional media and new media, as well as the path of integrating old and new media to achieve "great communication".

At the annual meeting, the 2014 affectingChina"Brand contribution list" known as "Oscar" in the Chinese brand communication sector was also announced, which is the most influential list in the brand communication sector.With the rapid development in recent years, as well as the rapid increase in brand influence, Yuexiu Group gets wide attention from communities.The Group always upholds the idea of "integrity, responsibility and innovation", to create international modern service industry with "high-end, high-growth and high-performance", through combination of production and financing and dual-wheel drive, with enterprising spirit of "continuing to exceed and becoming more excellent", continuing to create value for shareholders, staff and community; the core plate-Yuexiu Property is widely recognized by the consumer market with its brand qualities such as "high quality, integrity, responsibility, strength and reputation”, and it will also continue to achieve better life for more people.