Trademark of Yuexiu Holding Limited was Awarded the Title of" Guangzhou Famous Trademark"
Release Date:2014-04-01 19:28:00

On March 25, recognized by Guangzhou Famous Trademark Recognition Committee, the "" trademark of Yuexiu Holding Limited was awarded the title of "Guangzhou Famous Trademark", with the rated registration category being "apartment management" and "capital operation", which would benefit the enhancement in the "" trademark brand value and the increase in the market competitiveness.

In recent years, the Legal Affairs Department of Yuexiu Holding Limited has been adopting and implementing the "full-category" registration protection strategy for trademark operation. So far, Yuexiu Holding Limited has obtained 36 categories of "" registered trademark and 9 categories of "" registered trademark in Mainland China, and 8 categories of "" registered trademark in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The registration scope covers the real estate operation & management, transport infrastructure, finance and related products, securities & futures, papermaking, trade and other categories, realizing the full coverage of trademark registration protection for the business of Yuexiu Holding Limited.

The title of "Guangzhou Famous Trademark" is the important embodiment of corporate recognition, integrity and comprehensive strength. Legal Affairs Department of Yuexiu Holding Limited will take such title as an opportunity to further strengthen the comprehensive intellectual property right protection, and to keep carrying forward the application of "" trademark for other categories of "Guangzhou Famous Trademark" and the recognition of famous trademark at a higher level.