"Yuexiu Holding Limited • Yangcheng Evening News Fortune Forum" Starts
Release Date:2014-01-24 19:28:00

The three-party cross-border cooperation forum – "Yuexiu Holding Limited • Fortune Forum", exclusively named after Yuexiu Holding Limited, sponsored by Yangcheng Evening News and with Sun Yat-sen Business School acting as the strategic partner, held the first forum in 2014 in the international conference hall of Sun Yat-sen Business School on the evening of January 18. In order to coordinate with Yangcheng Evening News in the overall strategic cooperation, Yuexiu Holding Limited, together with the real estate plate and financial plate to make in-depth communication with Yangcheng Evening News on the brand promotion, and exclusively named the 2014 fortune forum based on the principle of "resource sharing and cooperation for mutual benefits". Yuexiu Holding Limited Chairman Zhang Zhaoxing and General Manager Zhu Chunxiu, Yangcheng Evening News Industry Group Party Secretary & Yangcheng Evening News President Liu Hongbing, Guangzhou SASAC Deputy Director Chen Xiongqiao, Sun Yat-sen Business School Executive President Li Zhongfei as well as the presidents of over 20 state-owned enterprises in Guangzhou and over 400 readers jointly witnessed the official starting of the new-year fortune forum.

General Manager Zhu Chunxiu gave a speech at the first forum. In 2013, in the face of the complicated domestic and overseas economic situation and the constantly adjusted industrial policy environment, under the guidance and support of Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and Municipal SASAC, Yuexiu Holding Limited positively changed the modes to promote development, and achieved significant work results, with another historical new high in the main business indicators. According to General Manger Zhu Chunxiu, the said results are not only inseparable from the care and guidance of all sectors of the society, but also inseparable from the energetic support of all the media friends. Yuexiu Holding Limited has always been paying high attention to the benign interaction between the media and the enterprise, and has established the partnership of "mutual benefit and cooperative development" with the mainstream media.

According to Yangcheng Evening News President Liu Hongbing, in recent years, along with the mobile internet and the information revolution, the entire social operation, the people's thinking and the development of all industries are experiencing wide-ranging and deep-going transformations. Yangcheng Evening News and Yuexiu Holding Limited made cross-border cooperation with Sun Yat-sen Business School in the fortune forum this year, and hoped to invite the elites of academic circles and business circles at home and abroad to jointly discuss these transformations and trends in the form of powerful combination, so that the fortune forum could finally provide a high-end learning and exchange platform for the readers of the business circles and commercial circles in Guangzhou, particularly in the Pearl River Delta region.

The first fortune forum focused on the theme "2014 new thought and new opportunity of local state-owned enterprise reform", and invited Director Wang Yiyang from Guangdong Development Research Center to make profound analysis and explanation in simple language, not only making in-depth analysis of theory-practice combination on the hot issues encountered in the state-owned enterprise reform, but also making multidimensional analysis on the typical cases of state-owned enterprise reform at home and abroad, so as to extract the experiences that could be used for reference, thus indicating the clear thought and direction for the local state-owned enterprises to deepen the reform. According to Director Wang Yi yang at the forum, both capitalist and socialist countries have state-owned enterprises, so the new-round state-owned enterprise reform should improve the state-owned enterprise property right system, positively develop the mixed ownership economy and improve the state-owned asset management system. In addition, local state-owned enterprises can make transformation from asset management orientation to capital management orientation, establish several state-owned asset operation companies to support the conditional state-owned enterprises to be restructured as state-owned capital investment companies, and promote the state-owned enterprises to improve the modern enterprise system for reform in terms of separating government functions from enterprise management, separating government functions from capital management, franchising and government regulation. With respect to the reform path, local state-owned enterprises can move towards the both ends of industrial chain, and transform the traditional industries through informatization to implement the innovation-driven and "walk-out" strategy.