Yuexiu Holding Limited Won the "21st Century China Optimal Business Model Innovation Award"
Release Date:2014-01-10 19:27:00

The "21st Century China Business Mode Summit Forum & 2012 China Optimal Business Mode Selection Award Ceremony" sponsored by 21st Century Media and held by CCTV was held in Beijing HNA Tangla Hotel on January 8. Yuexiu Holding Limited was granted the "21st Century China Optimal Business Mode Innovation Award". Comments from the Organizing Committee are as follows: the dual-level innovation of enterprise group and core industry, the dual financing platform of real estate and finance, the interaction of entity industry and finance, and the differential innovative operation will play an important exemplary role in the triumphant transformation of large-scale state-owned enterprises.

Deputy General Manager Tang Shouchun of Yuexiu Holding Limited accepted the award and gave a theme speech.

At the award ceremony, Yuexiu Holding Limited Deputy General Manager Tang Shouchun gave a speech themed "implementing great transformation and creating large industry for great development". He shared with the successful practice in the three-year reform and development of Yuexiu Holding Limited. In his opinion, the most important factor of business model innovation is to create the core competence of an enterprise. Business model innovation is the most key link to create the core competence of an enterprise, and how to create the core ability of an enterprise is difficult to be duplicated or learned. It is unique. Business mode innovation of Yuexiu Holding Limited involves two levels: "industry-finance integration" mode of the group level and "development + operation + finance" mode of the real estate plate. The industry-finance integration involves three levels: 1) total synergy of entity industry and finance, 2) financial support of entity industry development by utilizing the capital operation of listed companies, and 3) capital interaction between Hong Kong and Mainland. With respect to the second mode, Yuexiu Holding Limited has the sole real estate trust fund in Hongkong listed under the background of Mainland commercial real estate. Different from the traditional mode of land acquisition, development and building selling, Yuexiu Holding Limited develops a commerce and breeds it for a period of time, and then includes it into Yuexiu real estate trust fund under Yuexiu Property Holding Limited, which will recoup the funds to support the commercial development, so as to solve the problems of larger commercial real estate fund precipitation and longer development period, thus achieving the high-quality, profitable, duplicatable and sustainable development.

This selection event lasted for over half a year from May 2012, Suning Appliance Group, Sunshine Insurance Group, HNA Hotel Group, Haier Group, Zhejiang Satellite TV, UFIDA Software, China Merchants Finance group, Hanergy Holding Group and Ten cent also won the awards.

Finally, Yuexiu Holding Limited was invited to attend the 21st century business mode promotion alliance, jointly striving to promote the business mode innovation for Chinese enterprises with the award-winning enterprises.